Queen of Serpents

Presently, he was aroused by a great snorting and hissing and rustling, and opening his eyes, saw seated on each stool a great serpent, a hundred cubits in length, with eyes that blazed like live coals. At this sight, great fear got hold on him; his spittle dried up, for the excess of his affright, and he despaired of life. Then he turned towards the pond and saw [that what he had taken for water was none other than a multitude of] small serpents, none knoweth their number save God the Most High. After awhile, there came a serpent as big as a mule, bearing on its back a charger of gold, wherein lay another serpent, that shone like crystal and whose face was as that of a woman. Thereupon, one of the serpents seated there came up and lifting her off the dish, set her on one of the stools. Then she cried out to the other serpents in their language, whereupon they all fell down from their stools and did her homage. But she signed to them to sit, and they did so.

Then she saluted Hasib in human speech and he returned her salutation; and she said to him with fluent speech, ‘Have no fear of us, O youth. I am the Queen of the Serpents and their Sultaness.’ When he heard this, he took heart and she bade the serpents bring him food. So they brought apples and grapes and pomegranates and pistachio-nuts and filberts and walnuts and almonds and bananas and set them before him, and the Queen said, ‘Welcome, O youth! What is thy name?’ ‘My name is Hasib Kerimeddin,’ answered he; and she rejoined, ‘O Hasib, eat of these fruits, for we have no other meat, and fear nothing from us.’ So he ate his fill and praised God the Most High. Then they took away the tray from before him, and the Queen said to him, ‘O Hasib, tell me whence thou art and how camest thou hither.’ So he told her his story from first to last, adding, ‘God [only] knows what will betide me after this!’ Quoth the Queen, ‘Nothing but good shall betide thee: but, O Hasib, I would have thee abide with me awhile, that I may tell thee my history and acquaint thee with the rare adventures that have come to my knowledge.’ ‘I hear and obey,’ answered he; and she said, ‘Know then, O Hasib, that


— The book of One thousand and one nights



The Enchantment event opens up on the 12th of this month and ends on the 31st! The theme is One Thousand and One Arabian Nights which was a pretty fun read for me since I’ve never read the stories before.

Landmarks will be given when the event is open! Sorry folks, but I’m ol’ school. So stay tuned on the 12th and enjoy!


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Pop Style

“Yeah, you’ve been on my mind lately”

“You’ve still got my number, girl you need to call me”

“I feel like they wanna see me learn the hard way”

“But you know I always handle that one my way”

“Girl let me rock, rock, rock, rock your body!”

“Justin Timberlake and then I hit the highway”

“I can’t trust no flippin’ body!”

“They still out to get me cause they never got me”

Boss Bish

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Caged Animal

“A cage stokes our emotions and imaginations, regardless of whether you are inside looking out, or outside looking in.” —  Michael Makai



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This is my show

“Life is awesome, I confess”

“What I do, I do best”

“You got nothing, I got tested.”

“And I’m best, yes”

“Lay me down tonight in my linen and curls”

“Lay me down tonight, Riviera girls.”

“I fucked my way up to the top.”

“This is my show.”

“I fucked my way up to the top.”

“Go baby, go”

“This is my show”

“Go, Go, Go, Go, Go, Go”

“This is my show!”

This is my Show

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Skin Fair 2015: The Plastik & Sn@tch

The Plastik has to be one of the best places for me to get some really unique fantasy skins or really anything fantasy in that matter. If I can’t find something at other fantasy places I usually go to Plastik and they’ll have what I’m looking for.  The Plastik features a new line of skins called Immortila which rang Vampire or some sort of undead in my head. Usually 99% of the characters that I roleplay tend to be Vampires, but that one percent is me thinking outside the box.

My first character was a mixling creatures when I was still around in my Furcadia days. She was vampire, lapine, humanoid creature! And it brought me back to those days. – memories-. Yesterday, I came up with a new persona that I would love to portray from time to time so meet  Sidonie Thècle La Foresterie she is a demon. I came up with this fantasy world for her and this whole back story, but that’s for later.

As I said before I would attempt to do a nice photo of each skin on how I perceived them in my eyes. I came up with a comic book deal. Ya, I know I didn’t post my photo for Lumae, but it was picture heavy already and I didn’t wanna take up anymore space on the Feeds.

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Skin Fair 2015: Lumae new face Jewel

Okay, for starters I’m going to do something a little bit different than how I normally do skins. I’m going to try to stick to my word and go through with what I have in mind. If it’s a little too much ‘work’ then I’ll do continue to normally do what I usually do with skins. Just post them, so you can see in different tones and go from there.

Please be reminded that I don’t do ANY heavy photoshopping while doing skin reviews. The only thing I do is sharpen it a little bit.

First off there’s a brand who I’ve worn in the past and present called Suicide Gurlz made their way into Skin Fair this year and I was kind of happy to see a diverse of not only Skins and of course makeups, but Tattoos as well.

[All credits will be posted under each and every picture.]

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