A wonderful nightmare

A wonderful nightmare

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Want to know how to survive…

I want know know how to survive in the nightlife

The truth and dare of the drug for the first time…

Click my heels and dance when the heat rise

I want to know how to survive in the nightlife…

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Depraved inside

” Let me keep you safe.

From the world outside.

Let me wipe away the tears

That fills your eyes….” 

Depraved Dealers start today and a bunch of lovely creators are in it, such as: Virtual Insanity, Razorblade Jacket, Nevermore, Shush, Fierce Designs and so forth. 

Nevermore has this lovely gift wrap box type bed that comes with six poses in it already.  And I use it as my prop. =3 

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It has been very busy for me. Yesterday was my birthday and then Friday was my rez day and kido’s birthday :/ Hard for me not to see him as a puppy anymore, but he is my son and has been in my life for two years =D So I haven’t had a chance to sit down and blog. I am celebrating my birthday today so cha. =3 A little time to kill.

I have never used shadows before on any viewer and when I did try I would crash like crazy and thought its not worth my time. I can take awesome photos without it. Now curious since I am on a different viewer Kirstens, I Google “How to turn on shadows in Kirstens viewer” And up pops Strawberry Singh’s tutorial. Now I she was correct. Using shadows on Kirstens viewer is a lot easier. I haven’t crashed not once. She said to continue to mess around with your shadows till you find something. So I have.  I think it looks great. -shrugs-

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