Gothmas season greeting

Gothmas by Gaslight started two days ago and its pretty. There are tons and thousands of things to buy and look at. Some of the vendors I never even heard of and some are familiar faces! Gothmas is very welcoming to something casual and laid back, one of the reasons why I like this event. I don’t lag when I am attending these events so I actually had time to go and look at some of the sim and vendors. Unfortunately I forgotten to take a snap of the sim, but trust is amazing. I recommend to go to the venue and look around and have fun.

Cursed TP:

Sium TP:

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Straight to video

“All the problems make me wanna go

Like a bad girl straight to video! “

“Little darling welcome to the show. “

You’re a failure played in stereo! “


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Sn@tch Untitled

I am really in a funk when it comes to blogging. I have no clue why, but man its killing me! Sn@tch last week released some really awesome items that I fell in love with. I just had to have them. I will say that these leggings do have an ass on them that is just awesomesauce.

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Here in the black

“Here in the black there’s  a feeling of loss.”

“But it’s a hungry and restless”

“And it’s looking, desperate for something.”

“And it feels like a job, all the screaming and helpless.”

“And this, absent of mercy, it’s alive and now it’s filled.”

“With not a shred of compassion or love.”

“It comes like a burden of evil and it stays in the ground.”

“Where’s a desolate shadow of fear.”

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