The Exotic Concubine

How shall I introduce my story on how I, Abrielle second daughter of Alastor Shadowhearth became the famous Exotic Concubine to Zepar Ashenbreath. My beauty spread wide and far across the lands so far that even my sister’s suitors wanted me over her. Now you have to understand, I am the second daughter, the one that is suppose to come up short. The one that is suppose to be less loved than the first. The roles were reversed in our household. Our King, my father, favored me above my sister.  

As my suitors list grew and grew the more my sister became envious and deceitful.  Her plans grew outrageous over the years, even so much to poison me and have our father flog me; which he didn’t. Our father sick of her envious ways he finally found a suitor for her. A suitor of someone horrible and stern. 

Closer and closer the time for my sister’s suitor to come visit the more she was getting desperate. Even isolating myself or staying in the village did not help at all. Her devious ways always seemed to follow and even so Father grew more and more tired of her antics. 

For me, I just wanted to be left alone which was impossible with a jealous sister. One day that all changed for me. As I was walking from the Palace to to the village I was countered by three men in black garb and sapphire design print. Before opening my mouth or high tailing it away he opened his palm and blew a smoke in my face. 

Waking up on a bed of warmth, danger and unknown whereabouts. Stripped of all belongings besides my jewelry. I can hear the fire place wood crackling also movement across the room. Someone was within this room with me; nude and disorientated. Several thoughts ran through my head as my brain processed each one carefully before several finally matched up.  Sitting up the figure finally spoke. 

” Finally, you’re awake. I started to get worried that my henchmen gave you too much.” Shifting his position he spoke once more glancing over his shoulder.  “You are my property now, you can thank your sister for you. This is your area of the palace. On the west wing is another concubine. You shall cross paths with her sooner or later. You are mine Abrielle second daughter of Alastor Shadowhearth. You will be my exotic Concubine.” 

Those words was the beginning of a new life for me.  I was known far and wide for my beauty, my intelligence, my body and personality. Even so Zepar Ashenbreath favored me above his other concubine even so that she left. I was Zepar’s prize possession even so that my Father found out what happened could not win me back. The prize possession of Lord Ashenbreath the one woman who conquered his heart and warmed his bed; thus The Exotic Concubine.

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Three is not a crowd

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted some not safe for work photos. My drive to post not safe for work photos has blew out the window, but expect some this week and year. I’ve found it again. Anyways, this is not a fashion post at all, it’s more on the ambiance and items displayed and the story that goes along with it.


I honestly didn’t develop a amazing story for these three, but I did have some sort of bits and pieces in mind. We’ve always teased about Syn being tied up in a corner while she watched Shae and Zach play and finally we had the chance to do so. It was quite an interesting night with these three, but in the meantime I’ll let you come up with a story with these three.


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Sensual Komfort

This is going to be a rather small post coming from me. I really wanted to focus in on the bed and the different poses it displays. This is not a fashion post but more so an tasteful nude shot of the bed I was using from ROMP by Stockholm & Lima. Maybe many of yall have several of their products and know how well made each item is and so forth, but for first time buyers of Stockholm & Lima products this bed is really nice. The poses in the bed was really nice some unique. The bed came in 5 different types from Male/Female, Female/Male, Female/Female, and Male/Male.


Below I’m using the female/female which is called LesDomme Industrial Bed. I’m using it with my Mistress Brawen. You get 7 single poses or roleplay/photo, 5 cuddles, 16 adults and 2 full scenes to choose from. Submissive, like me, are limited to the menu. Which was nice. Yo also get 5 bedding texture, 3 metals, and 5 wood picks. Including the Cuffs and bed ties. You couldn’t see it in the picture, but I had purple selected!

Stockholm & Lima

You have until the 16th of October to get this bed and it’s only at ROMP.


Sensual Komfort