“We, we , we make love to the night.”

” In the back of the club yea we feelin’ alright.”

“L-lights lights low”

“This shit feel crazy”

“Low key loose ninjas know.”

“We gettin’ wavvy”


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Lolli Lolli

“Let me see that lolli pop”
“Body rock don’t you stop”
“I love the way that booty drop”
“Sideways front back up and down I like that”
“Cherry lolli chocolate lolli”
“I wanna see you pop that lolli”



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Fresh skin is what I need

“I cut the flesh”

“And make it bleed”

“Fresh skin”

“Is what I need”

“I let it dry”

“Out in the wood”

“All your crying”

“Did no good, yeah” 

Fresh skin is what I need

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Keep Out

“Back when there was nothing else.”

“Too blind to see my cap and bells,”

“I caused so much that would come back,”

“to haunt me till the end in black.”

“I sit and stare into the dark,”

“so sad I did not think to hark.”

“to what was in the air long ago,”

“telling me to mend what I sow”

Keep Out

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Bowing Basic

I’m very basic lately and I have no clue why. I think I am realizing that simple can be just a wonderful than being my normal ol’ self.  Sn@tch, has new releases Victoria Velvet Dresses in darks of course. Its really lovely and I had to have it! There wasn’t much changing of my pleasantly plump shape, but I had to shrink my cleavage a bit. My tummy was just fine. Stop by Sn@tch and check out the rest of her new releases and goodies!

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