Oh, you’re THAT kind of Banana!


“What?! You mean you aint real?!”

OH, you're THAT kind of Banana!

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“I’m dressed in black just like mi gente”

“Like es el dia de la muerte” 

“She’s only loyal to el jefe” 

“I bet she taste just like tres leches” 

” I think I’m falling for consuela” 


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Halloween Treats

My inspiration came from Monster High era. I love Monster High and I’m not afraid to admit it! I think it’s cute and the characters are adorable. My girl doesn’t have a name it was just a little persona and she owns the little snack bar in town so all her ghoulfriends can come and hangout.


She has a habit of noming on goblin fingers she thinks they’re tasty after they’ve been pickled for about a month or so. Her favorite colors are purple and green! She loves baking and stuffing her face. When she grows up she wants to be a famous baker.

Happy Halloween to all my Ghoulfriends.

Halloween Treats

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