I’m taking a break from roleplaying on Zenobia for a bit and focusing on a new character I have in mind. Brooklyn to my ownself is a mystery. Indeed she is a mutant, but she’s more or so a hybrid type. I have a love hate relationship for snakes. I think they are beautiful creatures and can see why religions worship them, but I’ve had a few run in with the species to not like them. Brooklyn is a serpent mutant. She has almost all the traits of serpents, but more humane.

I would like to say, Brooklyn is the geeky, shy, naive side of myself as to where Zenobia is the more aggressive and sensual. Brooklyn who has no government name. I’m playing her as a sheltered girl, who has a very vivid imagination. She always speaks about a book or relates to a book. I can’t turn off my nerdgasm or geekgasm since both of my characters are those things, but lets say her geekgasm/nerdgasm is more on point than Zen’s.  She has infrared vision aka thermal vision so seeing an individual is hard especially if they are a vampire whom she refers to as Bob’s from Dresden files.

I’m still working on her background some and more snake qualities, but so far everyone likes the concept of my serpent female. Even I. She isn’t really in tune with her sexuality/sensually unlike Zenobia, but its a shy school girl type of way. She’s socially awkward since being isolated. I made a completely new shape and everything for her so the clothing is rather limited when it comes to Brooklyn she is A LOT smaller than Zenobia/Syn.   So this is my outfit I came up with featuring: The Plastik, Ploom, The Horror, Goth1c0, Aitui, Sn@tch, and RD Style.

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Urban Voodoo

Zenobia knew she should leave Voodoo to her father a well known Voodoo King of New Orleans. Her Voodoo magic only went so far as spiritual readings, prayers, and making cures for aliments. Her father would be shitting bricks if he saw her painted up in her half mask trekking through the swamp at an odd hour at night. A drawstring pouch which held a skull of an adult human being with a slight skull deformity. She purchased it from a Voodoo Queen in New Orleans behind her father’s back.  Zenobia cursed under her breath as she swatted at mosquito, spider webs and god knows what else. ‘What are ya tinkin’ Zen? Comin’ out hea tryin’ to practice ya Voodoo. Especially when ya father said not too.’  Zenobia disregarded her conscience for a moment when she reached the clearing in the swamp.

Once Zenobia was in the clearing she did a blessing of the area and made sure everything was where it was needed. Opening the draw string pouch with delicate fingers she produced the human deformed skull. The spirits were strong in this area and some called to her. Her hands were glove free and her psychometric was in full effect. As soon as her fingers touched the deformed human skull memories and sensations flooded Zenobia. The skull revealed horrors that someone so depraved could only think of. She didn’t like to use her psychometry for one reason only, sometimes memories or the sensations were so powerful she doesn’t know what is fake or reality. Maybe it was time Zenobia learned her lesson and save the real Voodoo for the Kings and Queens.


[This is just something I had fun doing and very proud of the photo. The brief story can be something I’ll use for RP purposes]

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Mutant Corporation Outlook

Some of you who is on my plurk timeline or follow my Flickr, know I have an Roleplay Character called Zenobia whom is a mutant whom resides in Port of Deception. Well, I thought this look was absolutely for her. It reminded me of a Corporate Goth look and that is how I play her. She is a Diva, bitch, and Villain. The outfit is a new release from Sn@tch, Viva Dita, that is featured at the World Goth Fair, the furniture is from 22769; Chtuluh Armchair and Amber Lamp. You can see more from these great designers at the World Goth Fair.

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Savior, am I?

” They say I’m unforgiven and I have to pay.”

” Like I’m the demon resurrection.”

” They say that I turn innocence to panic.”

” But I don’t care”

” They say that my obsession is unholy.”

“That I deviate from reason.”

“They say I make you suffer for my sins.”

“I hope you forgive me.”

“Do you want it?”

” My desire…”

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