Cheap candy and costume

Let’s start off that this week is some happenin’ time for the opening of some events and hunts. This week starting tomorrow The Gacha Guild: The Hallows 2017 Hunt starts, and today the opening of a new event called The Underdogs Event started. So I can post that url for you all. Let’s jump into talking about my outfit here. I know some of you all are like okay what’s the deal.


Well I just couldn’t really piece together an outfit that I saw fit and so I thought of an last minute Halloween costume hence cheap candy and costume. I mean most of my outfit was produce at Gacha events so…it does make sense in a crazy way if you think about. It’s suppose to be all “spooky” not all halloween and october is about that. I’m just having fun here yall.

Cheap candy and costume

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A treat that’s good to eat

“Off them xannie bars, like we took a trip to Zanzibar.”

“Like we took a trip, like we took a trip to Zanzibar.”

A treat that's good to eat

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“20-20 vision blur and can’t even feel the syrup, I’m on acid.”

“I can smoke a pound of dro and drink myself under the floor, I’m on acid.”

“Put the straw up to your nose, take the blow straight to your dome, I’m on acid. “

“You passin out in my front yar, throwin up on Xanax bars, I’m on acid. “


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Give me, Give me the speed I need.

I want more life, don’t need this state to last.

I want more to burn, I want more to break.

So give me the speed I need.

My own movements feel so strange.

Are we all insane, or is it only me?

Believing, believing in the free will.

To last, to burn, to die.

Blog Teaser: Speed

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