Sorry for the slight delay in my blogging! I am still experimenting with all new techniques that I am picking up and looking at on Youtube and reading. This photo took me literally two days to do.

I first had to revamp the photo and I changed out my hair. It started with a really blended in photo and it turned into this. I learned how to do composite photos better without the lines and so forth. I felt like my photo was too far way from the actual item I wanted to show so why I did a side view closer.

The nipple piercings are from Fika which are displayed at Fameshed X. They come in three different choices and here I’m wearing Imprison! The other two choices are Consume and Summon. They all come with mesh nipples and skin hud. You can toggle off the nipples. Open Collar (OC) is on the nipples as well. Unrigged/Slink Hourglass[Petite]/Belleza Freya Perky[Natural].

Anyways! That’s it for right now! Enjoy the photos! Please tell me how you are liking my new photos! Comment or message via Flickr/In world or any of my social medias! Thanks!
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Aeva//Heartsick Poppy overload

Aeva//Heartsick released a new skin called Poppy. She is included in all 8 tones, 0 being the lightest and 8 being the darkest. As shown below. I would have to say I really liked how Poppy looked on Syn it kind of makes her look a wee bit younger than what she is suppose to be, but that thing isn’t always bad! 

AevaHeartsick Poppy Natural ALL

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Aeva caused a River release

Aeva released a new face called River, she has River: First Kiss available in only three tones at The Outlet Sales Room for 100L a piece. The ones at The Outlet Sales Room are tone 2, 4, and 6.

TP: The Outlet Sales Room- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Woodland%20Park/153/56/23

Aeva River Skin


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Fat kid paradise

Have a couple of new releases and some freebies for you guys! Food Fair as started and as many of you already know that is a fat kids paradise to just drool and oogle all the nice things. As a fat kid in real life, I am very fond of doughnuts. NOTHING compares to a fresh hot out the oven Krispy Kreme doughnut, lawd! I wanna go get a dozen now even though its stormin’ outside! Fat kid syndrome is kickin’ in! So the highlight of my outfit is Sugar. Sugar has these really kawaii like doughnut headband gacha’s. Now, normally everyone rocks the rare items, but HELLO she has a carrot juice flavor. What is more fitting! TP: Food Fair http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Citadel/36/130/22

Food Addiction

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