Alien Encounter

A beautiful woman delights the eye; a wise woman, the understanding; a pure one, the soul. Minna Antrim

Alien Encounter

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Vintage Staircase Show

Okay we only have a couple more days left of Vintage Fair, it closes on the 24th. So basically 2 1/2 days. On that note, get it in while you can and I’ll be doing a few more posts to catch up here. Just telling the truth.

Mean while, Amara beauty produced new skin tones. In the photo I’m wearing Catwa Head Lilly with her new skin Monica with the Bronze Mocha skin tone.  The NEW skin tones are Bronze Mocha, Caramel, Honey, Marshmellow, Peach and Toffee. The new tones come with and without freckles ON THE BODY ONLY, not the face which I’m not too thrilled with. Of course you have your usual No brow and brow appliers for the Catwa hud. Nothing too different about the tones just that instead of 1-12 and 1-8, 1-5 you’re basically getting names now. Which I like better so I can go to her store or event and be like does she have this.

Amara Beauty is having a small sell going on right now in her store and she did update some of her older skins to I believe newer tones or just updated them period. So just go and see and check it out!

Vintage Staircase Show


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Neon Demon

Okay, Sinful Needs has made some new horns and I’m in love with them. I’ll be blogging all of them throughout the week/month. Right now I am wearing the Golmon Horns. Do NOT be alarmed when you first wear these horns that they’re extremely large. You can resize them in the MESH tab. 

Okay so in order to change all elements on the horns you have to CLICK  on the right side and then click on the left side.

You can tint almost each thing that is on the hud and I showed the pictures of the hud, you can rotate & resize.

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