Sorry for the slight delay in my blogging! I am still experimenting with all new techniques that I am picking up and looking at on Youtube and reading. This photo took me literally two days to do.

I first had to revamp the photo and I changed out my hair. It started with a really blended in photo and it turned into this. I learned how to do composite photos better without the lines and so forth. I felt like my photo was too far way from the actual item I wanted to show so why I did a side view closer.

The nipple piercings are from Fika which are displayed at Fameshed X. They come in three different choices and here I’m wearing Imprison! The other two choices are Consume and Summon. They all come with mesh nipples and skin hud. You can toggle off the nipples. Open Collar (OC) is on the nipples as well. Unrigged/Slink Hourglass[Petite]/Belleza Freya Perky[Natural].

Anyways! That’s it for right now! Enjoy the photos! Please tell me how you are liking my new photos! Comment or message via Flickr/In world or any of my social medias! Thanks!
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Alien Angel

So it’s going to be a bit of nudity on this post sorry! So this must’ve been the modder in me but SLINK has a new chest mod so you can have small or no bobbies at all. As a woman in real life that constantly complains that her boobs plotting to smother her in her sleep one day I instantly jumped on this piece!

So gents is just for ladies, it’s compatible for original physique body and hourglass. Normally I am either in Hourglass, sometimes Maitreya depends on my clothing choice, but my main body I hear is Hourglass, but today I got the original physique body.

For my photo I wanted to do a bit of a lean alien slender boyish type of body so I was glad I grabbed it anyways, I am going to show you how it looks with and without the augment. Now with the augment you CAN NOT, I repeat CAN NOT wear fitted Physique items for it, lets say like nipple rings. Nope. They will float. If you wear a fitted top it’ll still have it to wear you’ll have boobs.

Earlier I wear a crop top shrug thing from Messy it looked like, but it still have like an outline of the boobs.

[Unfortunately due to computer troubles again, I lost all the photos I taken showing the difference in the boobs, but I’ll do it later on to show how much of a difference the boobs and the augment is.] 

Alien Angel

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Zombie Newness

So! After so long of waiting, Zombie Suicide has finally released her mesh gauged ears!! The ears are of course Unisex. So this is how it works.

Buy the Mesh gauged ear bases. They come with two versions of ears per size 1-5, with 5 being the largest.  One version is just bare and the second version is bare but with a standard plug in case you don’t want anything else.

Now! This is were all the good fun comes in at, Add-on!!! There is a handful of them, so mix and match would be pretty fun.  So, Wear the ear base then ADD, the add-on; Right click–>select ADD. Easy right?

And don’t forget you can change the colors, just by clicking on them. =3 I use firestorm, this is a small tidbit for those that don’t know. I have to do this every time I log in because if I click on Mesh? I crash. So press Ctrl+P [Preference]—> Firestorm—>Build—>Enable Highlighting of selected prims, it will be checked, uncheck it and there. =3


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