Music is my arena

I’ve been a bit quiet here lately for good reason. Only really close friends and family members knows that I’ve been dealing with being sick. I don’t talk about myself much because I like to be vague as possible when it comes to my real life, but at times it’s like ugh. I did figure out what is wrong with me which is a plus and it is treatable and I did start my medication today, more pills.

The object I mainly wanted to focus on was the music element. If anyone knows me they know I am always listening to some sort of music or know that music influence heavily upon my photos and emotions. This item from 10T&Co. is a huge enclosed room with speakers embedded in the walls & roof. It’s one giant speaker! I’m pretty sure someone anyone could do something much better than I with this, but I wanted to be center fold with this in my arena. My headphones on just jamming out standing strong and proud. Dunno, but it’s a really neat piece of course it’s gacha :>

Music is my arena

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I don’t know

I made this photo like three days ago, or something like that. I forgotten all about it because I thought I posted it; lol. So later on today since I don’t do this holiday I’ll be probably spamming the feeds trying to catch up on some photos that I didn’t do. So sorry you have to see my hideous face! Ha, not so. Anyways, here’s a post titled I don’t know because I had no clue what I was thinking when I did it. So enjoy.


I don't know


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Hiskool Bunbun

” I bet you can’t do it, do it, do it like this.”

” Yeah I’m back to the track, back to the snap.”

” 1,2, step, then you gotta lean back.”

” Dis is how we do it in the A town.”

” and if you aint know, this how it go down!”

“Snap ya fingers! Do ya step!”

” You can do it all by yo self”

“Lemme see you do it! Aye!”

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Candy Showers brings out a Lollipop Girl

When I did these photos I was thinking of like bright colors, kind of more of a tacky kawaii type outfit, but it would actually be cute in a sort of matter. At least I thought it looked cute. I’m wearing some new items from Sn@tch, Bubble, Insanya, Ploom, and C.C. Kre-ation. Also some new cute furniture from a store called Myrrine!

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Where U Been

“Say you nobody till somebody gonna body you, flatline.”

” Pocket full of dead broad and you know I’m anti.”

” Anti- Social, anti- lame, but ain

t I a cool broad, ain’t I?”

” You lookin’ at a star that’s spaced out, tryin’ to take my style then take off.”

” I go to work with no days off, everything all paid off.”

” Shawty cat hair shaved off and she did it just for me, broad! ”

Would skip you like a spacebar, but I much rather delete broads!”


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