Chilled Hills

“This beat hit hard like mallets”

“24 like karats”

“I stay smoking raw organics”

“Like a chainsaw trees vanish”

“Tell me your name, so I can forget it”

“I’m in the fast lane”

“And you at the exit”

Chilled Hills

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Hipster Animals

I’m back on blogging! I finally got my new modem back and ready to get back into the blogging spirit! I’m mostly wearing new items from Sn@tch, Tameless Hair, The Horror, Death Row Designs, Le Primitif  and Birdy/Alchemy from The Arcade September round 2014! Thanks everyone being so patient and sorry for the random MIA my modem just randomly flatlined on me the other day! Then I had WIFI so it wasn’t bad I just hooked up my wireless adaptor do it but then it just really flatlined! Ha! Anyways, sorry for the scramble lets get back to the show!

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Zenobia’s Outfit Two

Roleplaying as picked up a lot lately for me and I’ve decided to give my girl a much needed break ICly for a little bit this week so I can catch up with blogging and handling some In real life stuff.  Anyways, Zenobia icly just bought the local bar and is slowly transforming it into something lavish to suit her. She has to stand out from her employees so she dresses just as scandalous as always.

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” And all we sell is the greatest feeling on Earth.”

“They paint me as a villain, I just autograph the artwork.”

“Ain’t got nothing left to prove unless I got to prove it in court.”

“Live fast die young and leave a beautiful corpse, yes lord.” 


“You so crazy, Tunechi.” 

“You so crazy.”

“I know, I know, I know, I know.” 

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Dark Pryncess

” Turn of he light, the show begins; we hide ourselves in innocence.”

“Enough is enough.”

“The Truth is hard to comprehend; accept the lose of common sense.”

“Enough is enough.”

” First when the rain keeps falling and our world stops turning.”

“Another candle-light still burning, even i the tide won’t turning.”

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