I want candeh

Candy Fair 2014 has started! So excited, it was a blast to walk through the two beautiful sims. I admit I am very impressed with the decoration of the sims this year than last year. It was much easier layout to read and maneuver through. If you don’t like candy, there’s plenty of stuff to fulfill your sweet tooth! Here are a few items you can get while visiting there from: Alouette, A.D.D Andel, Plethora, and Organica! The Candy Fair 2014 is only here for two weeks, you have till October 17th to get your sweet fix! Candy Fair Sim 1  or Candy Fair Sim 2 


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Zenobia’s Outfit

For the past two days I’ve stayed up till almost 6am SLT roleplaying. The roleplay was very intense and it just kept going and like true roleplayers once it gets good its kind of hard for me to just ‘stop’. My character Zenobia looked so good even though she got beaten and molested by a vampire the outfit overall before it all happened looked EXTREMELY good. The one thing I LOVE about this outfit are the boots and they’re from Sn@tch. I can’t take these boots off. I thought I would share what it looked like and give you the rundown on where to get a couple of these items from.

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Hair Fair 2014 Mash Up

Short and simple these are my favorite hair styles first mash up from Hair Fair 2014 featuring Ploom, Adoness and Tameless Hair! So enjoy


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Bun of Stars and Moons

My posts will be delayed for a few days, because I have IRL to deal with. So I’ll be posting whenever I can find time. I’m kind of cranky at the moment; lack of sleep. Relatives came into town and my furbabies wouldn’t allow me to sleep,because they were in Stranger Danger mode, moving along.


The Manga Fair officially started Monday, and I have to say unboxing most of the items some of its a bit of a let down. I actually don’t think most of these people don’t know what Manga actually is? I think the title of the event is misleading. When I think of Manga I mix a bit of Anime in there as well like: Helsing, Nana, Vampire Knight, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Godchild, Absolute Boyfriend, Black Butler, Black Cross, Basilisk, Soul Eater. Manga type eyes, expression bubbles manga related ya know. Something that said Oh I know where that’s from.  It was a good attempt, but my expression is sadface. No hate for this event at all I’ve very excited to be apart of it, but it’s more Kawaii than Manga.  Moving along; below is the TP to Manga Fair so enjoy.


Manga Fair Event

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Lumae: Odette

Lumae released a new skin called Odette, I have to say I am really pleased with the face. I was looking at my own face and stunned at how nice the skin looked on me without all my piercings and make-up. I might switch to the darker skin tone because for some reason I just really love tone 8, and to me darker tones like that aren’t my taste. Moving along this has been out for awhile sorry I just got to it but KOY released a new hairstyle its non rigged mesh, short, cute called Hanni. This has to my favorite short hairstyle. I wish more creators would make a lot of punky or just plan short hairstyles.


Left to Right: Odette – Icing [1], Cream [2], Latte [3], Honey [4].

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