So I’m rocking the new lipstains from Soul, they come in 9 different colors: Autumn, Bloo, Cyan, Lavender, Lime, Orange, Pank, Red, Rose and Teal. I’m using the Pank. You can pick up these lipstains on the 15th at Applique! OMGacha opened up yesterday and [Bubble] has two gachas one for plugs for mesh ears and standard and some horns. You can get them whenever because the event doesn’t go off the grid till the 26th!

Well everyone know Bento is all the craze right now, if don’t know what Bento is go look it up try some demos of it. I jumped on the Bento train and I love it. I got some bento items for my fur and human alike and I love it. The money is worth it I never been happier. The one thing I missed about my SLink hands was my rings. I had a BILLION different rings. Well Lassitude & Ennui made some cute boho bento rings for vista hands.  They’re really worth the look at! I tried the Vista rings demo and I was like ya they’re okay, but no. I was very much pleased with the Lassitude & Ennui rings.  You can wear them left or right hand; both. Gold/Silver/Black. Set A is Middle Finger and Pinkie, Set B is Index and Ring Finger wear both or one! I linked them together to wear them all :D And they work perfectly. You can get them at her main store!


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Mistress of the Club

Stereo please activate Industrial Playlist.

” Attention, activating Industrial Playlist…”

Her heeled foot taps to the rhythmic beat as it comes on blaring through the speaker flowers on the coffee table. Her body starts to move slightly, in tune with the beat. Arms goes up into her hair then slides down along her curvy, thick body. The drop comes in and she picks up the pace a little bit more. Feeling extremely ballsy she climbs up on the coffee table as soon as the leads voice came through the speakers as if commanding her.

Dance live you’ve never danced before.”

Dance, leave all your doubts behind.”

It was as if the music was some sort of coaxing method for this futuristic fur. Twisting her body in positions to the song, letting herself freely lose control.

Feel, like you’ve never felt before.”

Feel, like a dark Queen of the night.

This voice wrapped around her body in a seductive embrace while his words brushed along her big pierced ears going deep into her canal commanding her

You are the dark Queen of the night.”

And you are dancing in the light.”

You are the Mistress of the Club.”

And you show everything you got.”

Breathing heavily while she moved to the music. His control over her still wrapped snugly against her while she let herself go. He breathed into her ears again leaving her wanting more

Dance, just let yourself go…

Futurewave is upon, the Digital Revolution is here…

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