“She make no mistakes, make no complaints”

“I love how she think she graduated with that brain” 

“She got to” 


Yamborghini High

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Good girl, play time

“To play it safe is not to play.”Robert Altman 

Good Girl, play time.

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Critters on a shelf

Oh no, looks like some small critters has invaded gacha machines and on your shelf. Syn here is seen posing with these cute little critters from Darkendstare, you can snag them up at OMGacha till the end of the month as well as some of these nice accessories that I’ve shown off.

Critters on a shelf


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Purely Simple

Just something simple at the moment. No quotes, no lyrics or anything. I haven’t been feeling very well lately, but I promise to pick up my pace again. There are a few challenges that I want to keep up with, so I’ll try to do them!  Today, I only have one freebie to share. Insanya group to join is 113L to join, but its worth it. A lot of group gifts line the wall.

The pants I am wearing are the new group gift, Mesh sweat pants, five sizes, I am wearing the Large, different colors as well.  I am pretty sure everyone knows this, but Elikatira is having an retirement sale. Ladies don’t miss out! You have till Feb 23rd.


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