Dark Pryncess

” Turn of he light, the show begins; we hide ourselves in innocence.”

“Enough is enough.”

“The Truth is hard to comprehend; accept the lose of common sense.”

“Enough is enough.”

” First when the rain keeps falling and our world stops turning.”

“Another candle-light still burning, even i the tide won’t turning.”

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Mutant Corporation Outlook

Some of you who is on my plurk timeline or follow my Flickr, know I have an Roleplay Character called Zenobia whom is a mutant whom resides in Port of Deception. Well, I thought this look was absolutely for her. It reminded me of a Corporate Goth look and that is how I play her. She is a Diva, bitch, and Villain. The outfit is a new release from Sn@tch, Viva Dita, that is featured at the World Goth Fair, the furniture is from 22769; Chtuluh Armchair and Amber Lamp. You can see more from these great designers at the World Goth Fair.

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