Geisha Cameo

Geisha Cameo

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Unseen Presence

Unseen Presences

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Spooky Cutie

Halloween may be over for most, but for some it’s all the time! There’s a lot of Halloween events that’s still going till November till early November. So I’m getting some Halloween looks in before I’m like meh and go back to my regular ol’ looks which can still be used for Halloween. DON’T JUDGE ME.

Spook Cutie

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Do you furry…?

I have a new release for you guys out there as well as a freebie! There’s a new event for fur lovers alike or those that are curious to being furries!  In the picture I’m wearing a new corset from SugarFluff as well as the horns that I’m wearing which is a hunt item!  Back to the event, The Furry Fest, is running all month long, sponsors for the event will have their items displayed for the entire month and each designer will have an exclusive item that will be available during the event!  Remember the items will be discounted for the duration of the event so check it out, don’t forget this is JUST THE FIRST ROUND. 


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Skin Fair 2014: The Platik Overload

I have always loved The Plastik’s skins. Its sooo much in the skin pack that I am unsure of where to begin. When you get the skin pack its three different skins, makeups, eyebrows and so forth. I am just use to wearing just the basic skin set to really even notice or understand lol. You can see her newest skin set Astrali at Skin Fair 2014 as well as some new makeups and nail polishes.


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