Just Another

Just Another

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Skin Fair 2014: Adore&Abhor, Lumae & Madrid Solo

Skin Fair 2014 opens its doors in a couple of days so excited! I am rocking some new releases from some amazing designers. Lumae is making its first appearance at Skin Fair 2014 which was recently re branded from Aeva//Heartsick. Some familiar names Adore&Abhor has some really totes eye shadow and lipstick that is worth checking out and totes cute. A new name for me Madrid Solo does makeup as well and  feel in love with their Rebel Lips. I liked how they popped on darker skin tones.


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Country Kreature

So this month of March has been going very horribly already. I am not going to apologize because I’ve had in real life troubles and had a few mental and emotional melt downs in February/March. I’m human and I won’t apologize for not paying attention to my blog. I will apologize for not saying anything to the people I blog for, but I have a problem with not always talking about my personal business to others. So I did an random look, I actually work for Roleplay because it was a small fair that was going on and I thought I would dress up as a country bumpkin for shits and giggles.


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