Cosmetics Overload

I am a bit late on getting out New Releases because I am in the process of moving. So After Saturday I will not be blogging until Next Friday. Cosmetics Fair started and one of my favorite Cosmetics creator La Malvada Mujer is participating once again. She has three sets of eye shadows and lashes out. Then next I have some new cosmetics from Zombie Suicide that is out at Bodify event. I’ll link the two event places so you can stop by and check ’em out yourself.

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“Ha Ha! Everything quiet and the bass real hard.”

” And I stay geeked up never been a retard”

“Got a New girl swag and this here for yall”

“So they gotta keep it separate like the Jim Crow laws.”

Geek01“Do me a favor call me jerk one more time.”


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Gettin’ Some

“You know you fellas want a sistah like me”

“Apple bottoms with the wife beater rockin’ Nikes”

“All the fellas in the hood wanna call her wifey”

“If you got a pretty dollar than I probably might be”

“You fellas poppin’ collars your girl’s poppin’ p’s”

“Think you can pop me, man, you need to stop please!”

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Latex Diva

Latex, latex, and more latex! Mrs. Ivey released two new skirts in pales and darks. I managed to snag them both! I went to a little area where furries hang out  and my Mistress and her husband followed which I was happy about! And he said I looked sexy today then I replied that its not often I don’t look sexy, but mission complete!


The skirt has an ass on it I will say. It looks really hot and Syn being the plump lapine that she is looks uberly hot in it. The thing I loved about shopping at Sn@tch, I can basically mix and match my items, which turns out to be really awesome and I’ve came to liked the mixed of Pink and Pewter.

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Dolly Easter Bunbun!

Look! Up in the Sky its a bird, its a plane, No! Its a Chocolate Synnimonbun!

I have no clue what that has to do with the blog post, but I am laughing.

I normally don’t wear this lapine side of me. I don’t wear it often, or hardly at all, but lately I love it again. Favorite atm.

Moving along… DILLY DOLLS!

Newness @ Dilly Dolls.

Ori, has created an new dolly shoe or an upgrade from her previous dolly shoes, but not really an upgrade! They are totally brand new, comes in 2 styles, with and without socks. Available in 24 different colors.

Dark, med/light tones. Singles or fat pack. Singles with socks have texture change socks, all fat packs are texture change as well.

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