Bird of prey

The Gacha Guild presents “ Nueo Sol ” is finally opened and I tell you it’s such a nice sim! Of course The Gacha Guild has something always up their sleeves when it comes to their events. This time around they have a hunt around the sim for you to enjoy if you can not play the gachas and/or if you’ve never heard of any of the stores there they have in the Volcano vendors for you to browse some are marked discount, some even have special items laid out for you! This event is a def must visit.

Bird of Prey

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Good girl, play time

“To play it safe is not to play.”Robert Altman 

Good Girl, play time.

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Start a party

“Beaucoup b!tches in the lobby”

“Bust it open like a pinata”

“Beaucoup bottles on the counter”

“This is how you start a party”

(This is how you start a party)

(This is how you start a party)

(Tell a friend to tell somebody)


Start a party

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Keep Out

“Back when there was nothing else.”

“Too blind to see my cap and bells,”

“I caused so much that would come back,”

“to haunt me till the end in black.”

“I sit and stare into the dark,”

“so sad I did not think to hark.”

“to what was in the air long ago,”

“telling me to mend what I sow”

Keep Out

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Halloween Treats

My inspiration came from Monster High era. I love Monster High and I’m not afraid to admit it! I think it’s cute and the characters are adorable. My girl doesn’t have a name it was just a little persona and she owns the little snack bar in town so all her ghoulfriends can come and hangout.


She has a habit of noming on goblin fingers she thinks they’re tasty after they’ve been pickled for about a month or so. Her favorite colors are purple and green! She loves baking and stuffing her face. When she grows up she wants to be a famous baker.

Happy Halloween to all my Ghoulfriends.

Halloween Treats

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