Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts this month, but it’ll be better in January! I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank you for all the support in 2015! Pretty sure 2016 will be better!

Happy New Year


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Grey scale Creature

I’m a little late on events and posts this month. Some dramatic changes has happened to me this month and my will to blog almost came to a stop and so did Second Life, but with the help of real friends and their advice my blogging will pick back up to what it was. In the mean while, I’m sorry if I missed events and so forth. I’ll make it up to you in October!

For now enjoy a little basic outfit that I’ve been running around in for a couple of days and it may be a little mix and match, but I love it!


Greyscale Creature

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” I want money, power, and glory.”

” I want money, and all your power, all your glory.”

“Hallelujah! I wanna take you for all you got.”

“Hallelujah! I’m gonna take them for all that they got!”

” The sun also rises on those who fail the call.”

“My life, it comprises of losses and wins and fails and falls.”

” I can do it if you really really like that.”

“I know what you want, baby”

“I can do it if you think you like that.”

“You should run, boy, run!”

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J-Pop Attack

A few events are starting this week and on Monday! Rhapsody started today and I just happen to snag a few items from stores I’ve never even heard of. Which is a good thing, because from what I saw from their shops I’ll look forward to future events. Next coming behind Rhapsody, is the MANGA FAIR! -dances- I was REALLY excited about this event and jumped right on it to be a blogger which I was sooo happy I got accepted I almost crashed my car checking my email. There are so many stores I haven’t even heard of and the sim looks TOTES AMAZING. I own quite a few Mangas, I read them online. Dances in the Vampires Bund, Nana, Vampire Knight, Soul Eater, man I even have all the Shojo Beats and Yen+ [plus].


With the help of some really awesome “mentors” from plurk I took their suggestions on my green screening skills and put them to much improved skills. I actually loved how this photo came out! It was something different not just to me, but how I blog.

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I don’t know what to do.

“Jetzt darfst du schreien, wenn du willst!”

” I am so afraid of you

And I don’t know what to do!


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