Bloody Valentine

” You’re always hurting me and I can’t stand.”

“The ignorance in your eyes.”

“I don’t know how, I can’t explain.”

“The Pain arise day by day”


“Why do you always do what you want?”

“You never ask for me, don’t know my fears.”

“Can’t you understand the words I say to you?”

“Just keep your distance and don’t touch me”


“Please leave me alone!” 

Bloody Valentine

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Sweet Hard Revenge

“I’ll hunt you down.”

“I’ll fuck you up and make you crawl.”

“To release my pain.”


“Revenge tastes so sweet.”


“I never knew it could be…”

Sweet Revenge

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Purple Tears

This is like the quickest simplest post I think I’ve done this year, frankly I’m not gonna lie, I need to finish some blogs posts lol I’m not gonna finish a lot for December so January will be like finishing up December posts. Sorry! Hey, Real life happens! It’s my fault, because I thought I could juggle what I was doing and blogs, which I too too much on my plate. So one of these days imma take a hiatus a small one. a SL vaycay.

Purple Tears

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‘Till I collapse

“Cause sometimes you just feel tired, feel weak”

“And when you feel weak, you feel like you wanna just give up.”

“Bu you gotta search within you, and gotta find that inner strength.”

“And just pull that out shit of you.”

“And get that motivation to not give up, and not be a quitter.”

“No matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your ace, and collapse.”

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Drinks on us

“You know I been on now, hen, and I’m next.”

“Every year my year, you know I always wanna flex.”

” If you wanna go to the bar, drinks on us.”

“If you wanna go to the bar, drinks on us.”

“Say my, say my, say my name”

“Switchin’ bitches and I’m switchin’ lanes.”

When they call last shot for alchohol, I just wanna take my last drink.”

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