Holiday Packaging

This time of the year is always so depressing for me. It gets me unmotivated and I can’t seem to enjoy anything else. So I do apologize for my slacking in posts, but it -is- holiday season so I do have other affairs to tend to. This weekend shall be catch up in events that was overlooked and/or a few things you should get before their over.

Holiday Packaging

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Giftly Dark

” You don’t hear me.”

“You don’t see me.”

“You don’t even know I’m alive.”

“So why do you call me?”

Gothmas by Gaslight has started as well as Horrorfest, Finally I can release the Slurls for you guys. Below are items from ~SongBird~, Chop Shop and Zanzibar creationZ. Enjoy

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” They’re an opening ceremony and we all start the same.”

“Cells grow to cell phones.”

“Some form cells.”

“Some get put in cells.”

“Sex sells.”

“Now you know the drill so,”

” Hear me sound the bells.”

“You use new keys to type old deeds.”

“Set up by old needs.”

“What world peace?”

“What was in ya reading, yeah what was in ya feed?”

“Where do you get to with the internet lead.”

“Things do change and change can have a range.”

“Systems shouldn’t operate by sticking me in a cage.”

“Aint Dalai Lama.”

“Aint Sai Baba.”

“My words are my armor and you’re bout to meet your karma…”

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Alaska & Star, Lumae’s new girls.

I’m going back to advertising skins again like I use to. I stopped doing it because it was A LOT of work for me to crop, take photos and remember which ones I was  using. I feel bad because I was slipping on that part and taking the easy road out and just using the skin tone I use all the time by Lumae. Well Lumae is in several events, has participated on their last Lazy Sunday that just passed and well I’m just playing catch up here! I’ll probably do something different in the next showing of her newest skins, because it’s a lot. At the moment I’m just going to show Alaska and Star bare all eight well 16 of them then I’ll just pick random tones maybe .

Lumae Alaska

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Dark Holiday

” Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world” 

Mary Shelley

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