Batties love the camera


Batties loves the camera

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Purging makes me hungry




Purging makes me hungry

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It’s Dare

“You’ve got to press it on you,  you just, think it.”

“That’s what you do, baby, hold it down, there”

“Jump with the moon, and move it, jump back and forth”

“And feel like you were there yourself, work it out.”


“Never did no harm, never did no harm…it’s dare.”

“It’s coming up, it’s coming up…it’s dare.”

It's comin' up, It's Dare.

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Welcome to the…WILD JUNGLE


Wild Jungle Gacha Fair Poster

*Sniff Sniff* Do you smell a new gacha fair on the grid? YOU BET CHA , The Wild Jungle is a new gacha fair dedicated to furries bring you amazing items from the best furry creators across the grid!

Hey if you don’t have any linden, that’s cool. Just come back during the weeks that it’s open which it lasts till September 30th and join the contest and get some linden in ya pocket to play the machines!!!

The machines are friendly to all Maitreya bodies, Kemonos and Solarian avatars!!

What more could you ask for?! Get on down to The Wild Jungle and play those machines, RAWR!!!

Taxi: The Wild Kingdom

Bubblegum Pank

Just a simple post for you guys! Sn@tch made some new hair I’m wearing Dawn which looks wonderful, fur friendly as well you guys so check it out! Comes in Nonrigged and rigged I’m wearing Rigged. Demos are in her main store so please be sure to try it! Also! I will be blogging till Saturday! Not this Saturday next Saturday! I am taking a small Vacation across the country to meet some very important people in my Online Life and IRL ^-^!!

Bubblegum Pank

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The Peacock chair

The new year is here and I’m going to be fiddling around with different things, such as colors, style how I take my photos and a new blogging layout for my poses. Mainly, I’ll be working on stuff for my store. I’ve been a bit slack in 2015, but that’s my fault. I mainly stayed within familiar boundaries and didn’t stray. I’ve decided to join a new event something that will keep my posts fresh, I never really did talk about it and I was shocked I go it among 15 bloggers. 20Twenty event starts on the 20th of every month and ends on the 9th. Several stores from all over the grid can participate

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