Unable to move; to become paralyzed.

Outcast like us aren’t numb. Our looks are deceived to portray numbness.

Why do we have to live you to society’s standards, even then they are too numb.

Their deprived of emotions develops into a cold that soon leads into shock; catatonic.


Shunned so we develop numbness.

Outcast so we develop numbness

Dressed up to fit into society’s standards to develop feelings to feel





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Creepy Green Light

” This moonlight night.”

“Late October’s swirling Fog gloom.”

“And as promised my love did rise.”

” From the green light….”

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Kreature from the deep

Where was my mind at when I took these photos? I was in going for an elegant, creepy sea creature.  Something like a Modern day Ursula. Like if I was to remake her, this is what she would look like on two legs. I wanted to focus on the skin, hair, eyes and mouth. As I stated before I’m kind of the last one to get some of the mesh items. Can you blame me, no. I’m furry like 95% of the time. It would be nice to have some of the items just to have, but it’s not a necessary for me. At the Fantasy Faire I did stumble upon a booth called Soul, and it has a mesh mouth out in several different styles from regular cupid, orc, neko and vampire. I’m not an expert on the mesh mouths, but it’s a nice simple mouth. I think it’s a little small for my face like it needs to be wider, but I can see myself wearing this mouth for something basic.


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Pinky Bat

I’ve been a little blah lately. More so in a funk. I’ve burnt myself out with Skin Fair trying to get my items posted in a timely fashion, but it backed fired. So this will be my final Skin Fair 2015 preview then I’m returning to my normal self. I miss my fur. -sad face-, I’ve managed to snag some items while I’ve been on and off Secondlife: The Horror, Tameless Hair, Clemmm, Dark Passions,  HoD and I even went to the Suicide Unborn’s 50L sale and Reign’s 75L good by winter Sale!


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Monster Inc.

This post is about the outfit. I had to gigglesnort when I put the outfit on I thought of the monster from Monster Inc. Sullivan. Even though he was more like a teal/green color. Don’t know! But that’s what popped in my head. I thought it was adorable, but this is more Creepy Cutie Carnival items! It’s not too late to pick up these items!

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Princess Alchemist

The story I had in mind was that she is a baby Demoness who was shipped off to school. She didn’t fully find her potential to be a demon. Which in this case I made it that the demon’s earn their horns. Being the little brat that she is she went to school to become an Alchemist! She figured if she completed school she will have the potential to become the demoness her Father wants her to be and get her horns.


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