Oh, you’re THAT kind of Banana!


“What?! You mean you aint real?!”

OH, you're THAT kind of Banana!

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Colorful Duo

So I decided to do another collaboration with my dear best friend Saka. It was just a random idea we just threw together. This has to be my favorite bathing suit from Sn@tch, It’s about a year old and it still looks good. If you want to see more about Saka‘s outfit and decoration items please go look at her lovely blog!

Duo Colour

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“We, we , we make love to the night.”

” In the back of the club yea we feelin’ alright.”

“L-lights lights low”

“This shit feel crazy”

“Low key loose ninjas know.”

“We gettin’ wavvy”


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80s Diner Fun

So I teamed up with my good friend Saka again for another collaboration. I owed it to her since the last photo we did together I don’t think I gave it my all. So this time I gave it my all and I wanted it to be my best best photo to make it up for the last one. :3 I have to admit I love doing photos with her it’s pretty fun.

If you wish to see what Saka is wearing you can visit her blog here; Saka’s SL Fashion Adventures.

80's Diner Fun

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Lumae’s new broads are in town

Lumae has a new skin out called Beth! She  comes in 8 different tones that were debuted on past Lazy Sunday! Beth is also featured at With Love Fair right along Odette! I’ll do another post later to show case all the skins of Beth but at the moment going to show you them in Tone 6 which is Cookie! Lumae also has free skins out at FabFree headquarters of Star in a makeup tone called Heartache only in tones 2 Cream and 6 Cookie! Don’t worry not the tones you wear, well you can also get Star Heartache in two other groups her personal Lumae group tones 1 Icing, 3 Latte, 5 Caramel and 7 Truffle!  Still not the colors, well the SLF&O has tones 4 Honey & 8 Cocoa!


Lumae Feb. Collection

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