Skin Fair 2015: Lumae new face Jewel

Okay, for starters I’m going to do something a little bit different than how I normally do skins. I’m going to try to stick to my word and go through with what I have in mind. If it’s a little too much ‘work’ then I’ll do continue to normally do what I usually do with skins. Just post them, so you can see in different tones and go from there.

Please be reminded that I don’t do ANY heavy photoshopping while doing skin reviews. The only thing I do is sharpen it a little bit.

First off there’s a brand who I’ve worn in the past and present called Suicide Gurlz made their way into Skin Fair this year and I was kind of happy to see a diverse of not only Skins and of course makeups, but Tattoos as well.

[All credits will be posted under each and every picture.]

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Star Shine

Okay, lets get down to the point here. I’ve been in a blogger rut and I honestly don’t know how to get out of them so I’ll go through long periods of times and not post anything. I’ve not been motivated in such a long time to blog anything other than that Twisted Hunt photo I did couple of days ago.

So I figure when I get into these types of ruts, I should just blog something simple. The review items I was given to me I’m looking at them like HOW can I blog this item. It’s not the item is terrible, far from it. Their wonderful! It’s just the lack of motivation or inspiration is what’s putting me behind. I’ve asked several bloggers who I admire on how they get out of these ruts or what motivates them.  I took inconsideration what they suggested, but I just figure I would just blog something simple.


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Child of the Korn

“In the dream the lord did come to me he was a shape, it was He Who Walks Behind the Rows, and I did fall on my knees in terror, and hide my eyes that the fearfulness of his face strike me dead, and he told me all that has since happened…” Isaac — Children of the Corn

Child of the Korn

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Hiskool Bunbun

” I bet you can’t do it, do it, do it like this.”

” Yeah I’m back to the track, back to the snap.”

” 1,2, step, then you gotta lean back.”

” Dis is how we do it in the A town.”

” and if you aint know, this how it go down!”

“Snap ya fingers! Do ya step!”

” You can do it all by yo self”

“Lemme see you do it! Aye!”

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Colour me bright

Blaaah! Sorry, I’m coughing right now it and hurts. I swear if I cough again blood will come up as well as whatever left in my body as well. I’m sick in real life sorry for delay. I didn’t feel like being all darkly, because I’m drowning in misery lying in bed non stop coughing and constantly taking breathing treatments for my asthma. Didn’t wanna hear all that, but I thought I would share! While I couldn’t sleep which is most nights when the other half isn’t telling me to rest or the medicine didn’t kick in I’ve been inventory cleaning and shopping. New items from Tameless Hair, Sn@tch, SongBird and Zombie Suicide, who by the way is having a sale. Isis didn’t mention when it was going to end so better go and pick up some items you never had the chance to get.


I mentioned above I didn’t want to be all dark, I kind of wanted to go for a tasteful wacky tacky type of look. Something FUN. I know 99% of the people are going to be like HORRIBLE look, but I actually LOVE my look. Agree to disagree or to each their own. I’ve been inventory cleaning and came across some items I honestly didn’t even KNOW I had. That’s how BAD my inventory is seriously. Moving along!


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Turning back on X-mas

Well this isn’t my last post for 2014, more like second to last. I do have a few more items to feature, but 2015 is always good to look back and see some of the 2014 items you missed! So this is my Turning my back on X-mas post, cause I’ve mentioned it before I hate Christmas. Lol, so I’m so glad to see it gone and 2014 with it. 2015, I have some new ideas that I’m proudly to be working on! Baby steps then BAM! Glorious!

Also, I’m going to be a bit sappy here, but I really thank you everyone who has supported, followed, encouraged and so forth. I’ve gotten much closer to people I’ve never imagined I would.  I’m thankful for that most of anything, 2014 was such an interesting year for me. Some really low low’s and some high’s. So once again, thank you guys for making this Eccentric Usagi welcomed and feel loved!

BAM, that’s out the way, moving along to the picture and stats!

Turning back on X-mas

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