Turning back on X-mas

Well this isn’t my last post for 2014, more like second to last. I do have a few more items to feature, but 2015 is always good to look back and see some of the 2014 items you missed! So this is my Turning my back on X-mas post, cause I’ve mentioned it before I hate Christmas. Lol, so I’m so glad to see it gone and 2014 with it. 2015, I have some new ideas that I’m proudly to be working on! Baby steps then BAM! Glorious!

Also, I’m going to be a bit sappy here, but I really thank you everyone who has supported, followed, encouraged and so forth. I’ve gotten much closer to people I’ve never imagined I would.  I’m thankful for that most of anything, 2014 was such an interesting year for me. Some really low low’s and some high’s. So once again, thank you guys for making this Eccentric Usagi welcomed and feel loved!

BAM, that’s out the way, moving along to the picture and stats!

Turning back on X-mas

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Bad Girl

” Live fast, die young.”

“Bad girls do it well.”

“My chain hits my chest”

“When I’m bangin’ on the dashboard.”

“My chain hits my chest.”

“When I’m bangin’ on the radio!”

“Get back, get down.”

“Pull me closer if you think you can hang.”

“Hands up, hands tied.”

“Don’t go screamin’ if I blow you with a bang!”

Bad Girl

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Cozy winter bunbun

The weather here is a bit unusual, it’s been extremely cold then it warms up and now it’s hot. I have my fan on, because it’s so warm. When I dressed up my girl it was hella cold outside and I thought it was a nice casual winter look for her. If I had it my way I’ll blog nothing but shorts and tank tops all year around, but gotta go with the flow right!? Anyways just a small basic quick look featuring Insanya, [Bubble], Circa Living, and more.

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Attention Hoar

” We’re all bitches”

” We’re all whores.”

” We crave attention.”

” Like some wannabe stars.”

” We’re all posers.”

” We’re all gods.”

” Pretend we’re prefect.”

“Like some fucking attention whore.”

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Off to the races

“Yo, I’m off to the races, laces”
“Leather on my waist is”
“Tight and I am falling down”
“I can see your face is shameless”
“Cipriani’s basement”
“Love you but I’m going down”
“God, I’m so crazy, baby”
“I’m sorry that I’m misbehaving”
“I’m your little harlot, starlet”
“Queen of Coney Island”
“Raisin’ hell all over town”
“Sorry ’bout it”

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Happy Halloween

For the first time in my years on this planet, I wasn’t in the Halloween spirit. It’s upsetting to know this about myself, but I am engaging in horror movie marathon as well as the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I will AT LEAST watch that. But this is my last post going towards the Creepy Cutie Carnival as well as some last minute halloween treats that I gathered along today.

Happy Halloween and enjoy.


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