Neon Demon

Okay, Sinful Needs has made some new horns and I’m in love with them. I’ll be blogging all of them throughout the week/month. Right now I am wearing the Golmon Horns. Do NOT be alarmed when you first wear these horns that they’re extremely large. You can resize them in the MESH tab. 

Okay so in order to change all elements on the horns you have to CLICK  on the right side and then click on the left side.

You can tint almost each thing that is on the hud and I showed the pictures of the hud, you can rotate & resize.

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Man what an exciting start of the month right? We have a few events that’s about half way over with such as Genre and Applique! I did a combined post featuring the two! Be sure to go check them out before the events closes!


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Dancing in the dawn


Dancing in the dawn


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“Reaching forward, through the dark”

“Dead, marching forward, much colder than the cud”

“Reaching forward, through the dark”

“Spreading the soilbleed, no return when you’re marked”

“Contorted spirit”

“Distorted creed”

“You know that your time has come”

“When the soil bleeds”



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Sweet Tooth School Girl

It feels soooooooooooooooo good being back in my natural state! Being in hyooman aka beastly form for so long drives me bonkers. I’ve been hyooman for so long I was getting stir crazy. I don’t actually have an idea on a name for my little kemono here. I can’t even say it’s an extension of Syn, it’s more like it’s own person. I have a personality for her and so forth just can’t figure out a name for her! This character is kind of mind boggling to me, because she’s the least difficult character I’ve had/have and yet I still can’t figure out a name for her!  Ugh it’s just confusing!

I have her here taking photos of her in a school uniform with her tablet gear and of course her signature lollipop that her tail is holding. She looks cute and adorable, but lets be honest here she’ a little demon waiting and watching from the shadows. She’s going to give this typical school a try before she goes back to the dark arts.

Sweet Tooth School Girl

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Malfunction Overload

The year is unknown, but what we do know is that Aliens do exist. How, well I’m one. Since the demise of the planet known as Earth many of it’s inhabitants traveled to the sky, space and beyond. I am a young  life from known as an Eobaslush from planet Qo’noS, whose name is Subulea. Our planet has rich resource, but it’s prize resource is it’s technology. Unfortunately as you can see, I’m having technical difficulties with my own Rolodex system. Coming from a planet where everyone is intelligent in technology well I can say I drew the short end of the stick. Seems like technology and I don’t mix.

The only thing that works is my stupid holo tablet and half of my Rolodex mainframe. Ugh, I need to hurry up and get this system running. I have a member of my team down in an unknown environment that would seems fine, because before half my system crashed her vitals and the vitals of the planet came back positive, but I guess we hit an electrical current we weren’t expecting. Bummer, well glad I have someone else on board to help me with such. If she isn’t preoccupied with certain appetites…

Promo: Malfunction Overload #01

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