Eyes to the soul

Well it’s the end of Mermaid Cove and I am doing my favorite part of the event and closing it out! It closes it doors in a few hours well On August 13th at 8am slt, so better go right now to get your items.

It was a well worth event and loved all the pretties that was there and the SIM, can’t wait to see it next time if there will be.

Eyes to the soul

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African Pryncess

Earlier this week I did a post called Starlight Guardian, but I didn’t talk about it all that much. I’ve been in a funky mood and plus I was in pain. So all my posts had been quickly done just to do because my creativity was all in the pain area.

A new event called The Girl Power will start on the 8th. Which is today. It’s an event focus on Cute and Girly things! Hey, sue me. I do like to be cute and girly at times okay, I’m a happy goth! I’ve linked the website by the items I used in the post because I don’t like to do landmarks before the event opens up.

But it has some really cute, adorable items out there for yall to try and experiment with! Look forward to the event as a whole and the products as well.

African Pryncess

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Silkworm Farmer

It was a extremely hot day on the farm. The lapine was slowly making her way over to the several racks that stood before her as she tried to determine how to go about her day. She could laze around with her feet in a tub of water as she fan herself to keep cool or she could work to keep quota.

Kurenai opens up this week and I am so happy to be apart of the blogging team! I am showcasing Cinoe which is in it’s first event and made a really cute summer set. The outfit is fitted for most popular bodies, I was really happy when they rigged for Hourglass. Be sure to check out this round for Kurenai it’s some really awesome items coming!

[Please note that I’ll publish the landmark to the event once it opens ^-^!]

Silkworm Farmer

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