If you hadn’t heard Fantasy Gacha Carnival is open today earlier this day and I have the privileged of being a blogger this round! Perfect round for me because the theme is right up my alley! It starts today and ends till Dec 7th so you have plenty of time to oogle and awe over some of the designers that are in it.  I mean you have: Dahlia, Stargazer Creations, Curemore, Aii, OLQINU, Ambix and Static! So the lineup is amazing just from saying those names alone so please come on down to Fantasy Gacha Carnival and play till you can’t anymore.


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The Purple Effect

The Purple Effect

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Holiday Packaging

This time of the year is always so depressing for me. It gets me unmotivated and I can’t seem to enjoy anything else. So I do apologize for my slacking in posts, but it -is- holiday season so I do have other affairs to tend to. This weekend shall be catch up in events that was overlooked and/or a few things you should get before their over.

Holiday Packaging

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Prep demon role call

Of course October is the month where we have an excuse to be spooky all month long, but for me being spooky is a 24/7 deal. It doesn’t change! This is a mild spooky Syn is dressed up for. She wanted to be cute experiment with a new makeup from Lumae, went to a fair and bought a new pair of contact lenses from !Chop Shop!, skipped along to [Ni.Ju] and had to get the new horns and halo set from them! Man, this girl did some shopping from the looks of it. Always up to date with fashion she went to Sn@tch, stopped by the candy fair for #Adored nail polish and went home and got all girly.  Ya, Syn went a bit tame with this, but in the end she looks completely adorbs.


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I’m taking a break from roleplaying on Zenobia for a bit and focusing on a new character I have in mind. Brooklyn to my ownself is a mystery. Indeed she is a mutant, but she’s more or so a hybrid type. I have a love hate relationship for snakes. I think they are beautiful creatures and can see why religions worship them, but I’ve had a few run in with the species to not like them. Brooklyn is a serpent mutant. She has almost all the traits of serpents, but more humane.

I would like to say, Brooklyn is the geeky, shy, naive side of myself as to where Zenobia is the more aggressive and sensual. Brooklyn who has no government name. I’m playing her as a sheltered girl, who has a very vivid imagination. She always speaks about a book or relates to a book. I can’t turn off my nerdgasm or geekgasm since both of my characters are those things, but lets say her geekgasm/nerdgasm is more on point than Zen’s.  She has infrared vision aka thermal vision so seeing an individual is hard especially if they are a vampire whom she refers to as Bob’s from Dresden files.

I’m still working on her background some and more snake qualities, but so far everyone likes the concept of my serpent female. Even I. She isn’t really in tune with her sexuality/sensually unlike Zenobia, but its a shy school girl type of way. She’s socially awkward since being isolated. I made a completely new shape and everything for her so the clothing is rather limited when it comes to Brooklyn she is A LOT smaller than Zenobia/Syn.   So this is my outfit I came up with featuring: The Plastik, Ploom, The Horror, Goth1c0, Aitui, Sn@tch, and RD Style.

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