.Review Policy.

Thank you for taking an interest in reviewing copies of your product or even an event. I gratefully appreciate the courtesy that you would want me to feature your products.

I do have a few things that I keep in mind tend to follow or want you acknowledge. I don’t want free stuff. I know as a content creator you take a lot of time to create the items. I’m here to broadcast your wonderful item to the public trying to persuade them into buying it.

Items I tend to enjoy are Urban, Adult, Furry and Alternative/Goth. I occasionally enjoy Fantasy items, it just depends on what it is. If you wish for me to review your item(s) then please send them to Synful Ghost my display name will be something related to Kodeine which is an alias for me.

I blog any items that are given to me regardless of the item. Rather it be hair, clothing, accessories, adult items and so forth, I’ll love to blog them as long as they are fit to my taste/style. Only items I will not blog are male items.

What should be included is:

— Name


–Notecard if the item is featured in an event

— Landmark or Event Landmark

— A little bit about the item!

If you have any more questions please send an Im to Synful Ghost or to my email address Synnimonbun@gmail.com with some sort of title to let me know you’re from Second Life.


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