Newness at Onyx Wear!

Woots, I do love this store. Onyx Wear. ^_^! So! Onyx Wear released some tattoos and these tattoos are boss. Mhm…they added more tattoos to the ones released last week. And I looooove the Empty Heart!  Woots! Its an anicent black tibetan calligraphy style tattoo. O.O

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[-\\Twat Waffle//-] in The LITTLE big Fair!

WOOTS! Soo! My whittle store [-\\Twat Waffle//-] is in a fair!! Her first OFFICAL fair! WOOTS! She was in two hunts which were very successful! I will say ^_^! I had quite a few people join the subscribe-o! Anyways Tomorrow is the opening of The LITTLE big Fair! The fair involved with helping whittle/unknown stores from BIG KNOWN stores. Like Boom, CLabs, Waffle, Etolie and Ello Poppet! My Sister store [Vanity Champloo] is also in it! ^_^ Might wanna check her out!

Here is a preview of my items that will be at the fair!!

(My first T-shirts!! ^_^!!)

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Hunts, Freebies, and cheapies! Oh my!

October has to be one of my favorite months. Plenty of spooktaular items and etc going about. PLENTY of Freebies that you can wear all year around. I do anyways so pfft to you! Lets start off with mix and match =D Good luck following rofl.  Snatch these up while you can! Srsly! Most are going to be available after Halloween.

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[-\\Twat Waffle//-] Updates and freebies.

I am still a bit nervous about posting items from my store. >.> But I guess I’ll get over that hump! Moving Along!!

Zombie Raid Hunt started today and I am apart of it! ^_^ My second hunt Ha! =D Preview below on my items.

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[-\\Twat Waffle//-] New releases

So! I own  a store and its called [-\\Twat Waffle//-]! Its just a little small in store that sells tattoos, piercings, nomnom items, shapes and other items! Really low prices, but awesome quality!  So! I decided to create something new! Bracelets!!! ^_^ I think they look really cute!  They are copy/mod no transfer. 

Also, I am in my very first Hunt!! Call The Uknown Hunt and [-\\Twat Waffle//-] is store number 35!! Squee!! I included the sneak peek of what you’ll be getting! A shape, piercings and of course a tattoo!! This is my first post on my store and I hope yall enjoy!  

Here’s the SLURL