LotD: Thicker than blood

“Cum is thicker than blood.”

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So, its been pretty clear that in real life gets the best of you and second life becomes like a sub conscience message in the back of your head saying log on.  I’ve been hit with nothing but Message caps and etc. So all my blogging will be done in a timely matter this week.  If irl doesn’t get the best. Mhm.

Quick post.

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LotD: Bondage Song

“Innocent Child

How you thought you knew me

Understood my ways

My dark needs.

The Hunt is not the thrill I’m after.

I want the kill; the conquest

To be your master.

Wrap your arms around my pale skin.

It’s too late to back out you’re in.

On your knees and praise your new lord.

Deeper now; and here’s your reward

Take me to bed and rip me apart.”

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[-\\Twat Waffle//-] Twatastic Shapes!

Okay, I plurked this for those that were on my plurk timeline got to see them first. Now its TGIF, public release time! =D

Meet Adrian, Amber, Bristol, Joonie, Mooshi, Taylor and Tiffany! That is 7 new shapes and one is free out of the batch due to a very late release, all located on the Left side of the wall instore. Ranging from 10-30L ^-^

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