Newbie Style Challenge Part 1: Saru Lee

Lady gave me the name. >.>

Sydd gave me the link to the challenge via blog.

I came up with the rest. >.>

Everything here was basically off of Xstreet sort of.  Here goes. Meet Saru Lee.

*I kind of bloched the hair. >.> Excuse me, half asleep here*

[–Styling Credits—]


Skin: Heartsick- Yume: Illusion: Fabfree (c) (Free)

Shape: Twat Waffle-Saru Lee Shape (Freebie)

Eyes: Tacky Star- PurplePeopleEater Special: Vein 2–suggested (Freebie)

Hair: Kin-Freebie1-black (Freebie, get a pack of hair)


This entire set was from Xstreet 0L excluded shoes, tote bag, skin, hair, eyes, shape, necklace.

Outfit: Hot in black- (Freebie)

Shoes: In Her Shoes- Flip Blops back to basics! (Freebie, also color changeable)


Glasses: RC- Loser Glasses

Necklace- Rebel X – Free Strawberry Necklace (Freebie)

Tote: Niniko-Tote bag-Check (Freebie)

Bracelets: Hot Black (Freebie, See clothing)

Pose: Glitterati


Word from the Bun =D

Okies so I’ve been back for a couple of days! This is my second full day on SL. =D Or third. Which ever. >.> I am back peoples of if you still want me to Blogg your items lemme know. x)

Ethnic Oddities is holding a Ethnic Thursdays sale. 65L for your items. Rather it be one,two or three items. 65L.  Ethnic Oddities is looking for 6 Vendors. At the moment they have 3. Vanity Champloo, Twat Waffle, Favole.  Mhm.  But this is only an Ethnic Oddities group thing. =( Sorry. No outside vendors allowed. If you ARE apart of the Ethnic Oddities group then please send your Notecard to LadyAnjile or Synful.

[-\\Twat Waffle//-] News.

Sooo, I was thinkin’.  I am going to do a new series. You get one chubby/plus size shape and a slender shape as well. ^^ Going to sale those for 250L for copy/mod and 125L for transfer only. =D noice deal hm?? 

The first in the series is Nikki and Natasha.

Next up in my new releases, are Nomnoms and tattoos.

Bombpops!! I had these out for the Fourth of July, gave them out as group gift. =D Now they are 40L at the store. =D


Who likes AngelSpit? Oooh, Oooh, me!! I do!! Mhm….

Dip my tail in in blood ink

Write it down in red.

Scribe the words “Happy Meal”

Right across your head…

Returning home:

I shall be returning home tonight. =D Around midnight and I’ll be in the car again for another 24 hrs at least. >.> If you see me online I am either getting Twat Waffle in order or I am goofing around to by some time until I will not be without my baby!! D:

Like I said, LadyAnjile and Sydd are in charge of Ethnic Oddities while I’m gone.  Imzadi Giles and Lady will be incharge of the affairs at Twat Waffle turning my period of not being online. This all goes in effect whenever I am not aline for periods of times. x.x I might go to some shopping before I leave. =D

Photo Shoot: Wake Up….

So, I’ve been uber grouchy lately, because I was forced to go on vacation. -.-, and not only that but The Red Sea came today. -.-…. So I am really in a bitchy mood and don’t want to be bother! =D Couldn’t sleep neither. So I decided to do a new photo shoot of myself. =D

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<—>Syling Credits<—>


Hair: Fascino- Lucie Black Collection (Price: 50L)

Shape: My own

Skin: Abyss, ama garijus, sun set, carbon

Eyes: Poetic Colors: Summer Wheat (Price:GSH freebie)


Jacket: Nightshade-Satin Cincher-Midnight

Top: VC- Lick me tape

Pants: Sassy Kitty Designs-Belted Short grey

Stockings: SB Net Kneehighs- Personal use only, custom made

Shoes: HOC Apparel-Knee boots


Glasses: Decemeber- Glasses No. 46

Neck piece: Action-Unisex Sniffle Scarve Skull

Belt: Cobrahive-Punk Belt (studs)

Arm gear: Plastik-LipstickMuse-Strings-black

Tattoo (Lower): Twat Waffle-Free Rides Here (Price:100L)

Poses: Mixed

Location: Urban Spirit Mainstore

Grand Opening: ✱Ⓞculartistre✱

Now I am going to copy and paste the notecard from Hendricks Tigerfish. =D


Oculartistre is pleased to announce our brand new main store location in the Jaded Souls Shopping Center, located on the Haber Sim!  Three floors of hand crafted, luxurious eye pieces, grouped into distinct and exotic themed sets designed to enhance and accent your avatar’s appearance.

Please be sure to check out:

A richly detailed balance of deep shadows and luminous sparkles, the Shinya Collection is one of our darkest sets, adding an air of mystique and curiousity to those who wear them.

The Koutaku Collection has been completely redrawn and re-textured, as well as Taiga and Kuri — brand new pieces introduced to the set!  Each handcrafted work is designed to look like glossy, polished crystal stones.

The Meiga Collection has been expanded to a full 22 pieces.  Inspired by renowned works of art from all over the world, each handcrafted work incorporates both image and palette sources from the original masterpiece.  Our most opulent offering, the Meiga Collection blends fashion, style, and art in a truly unique method.  Mix and match your favorite pieces for a truly customized look.  Newly added pieces have been inspired by a wide range of traditional and contemporary artists, such as Andy Warhol, Rembrandt, and Michelangelo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the photo I am rockin’ the Tenga- Kiwi eye set and Imz is rockin’ the Neko set I believe its Yuki.

Blog will be back

Until I get home within a week, I probably will not be blogging like I have on the regular. Internet up here, since I am out of state, is really fuckin’ retarded -.-!! I swear. This is why I feel more comfortable in the south. D: Meanie folks up here. D: Anyways so I’ll try to get back with yall until then =D