Starlust Simwide Valentine’s Hunt

Omg. Can we say LAG?! XD I have been doing this hunt all day!! Its like 80 stores for gifts and 14 pieces to find to mend your pool ol’ broken heart. :D

The Hunt is worth doing, seriously. If you read this or whoever reads this its really worth doing. And if you need help they have a group I <3 Starlust, search it in groups and join it FREE and just ask for help Lot of people willing to help. But this HUNT is worth doing. :D I'll post photos later on.

Its sad….

You know, its so sad at times when I am on SL. o.o I forget wtf I am doing half the time. O.o!!! Like I’ll be taking photos and I forget the shit I was wearing? XD!! I have so much shit in my inventory no where near’s Sydd’s or Lady’s stuff. xD But it got there till I deleted half of my shit. Anyways this photo is a classic nudie. :D I luff taking them. o.o

Tainted Love Hunt

Dita, Trey and I did this hunt in like one day. Quick and easy. Some of the stuff made me go yes and others made me want to delete. No offense. Here is some items.

" I am."
Model: Synful Ghost

Hair:[Gauze] Nephra-Black (100L Sale)

Collar:*Cobrahive*Kurosu Collar M (???)

Shirt: PeeBox Online Dating Kills Tee (Tainted Love Hunt

Shorts: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Belted Short Grey

Shoes: [IHS] Sneakers-Black

Nails:CxC Witch Style White PrimNails (Lucky Board)

Tattoos: ::Para Designs:: Nitemare Sleeve Tattoo (50l, Sale)

Arm gear: Feebs-Arm Bands II (40 Below Hunt)

Lovely Bunneh

Sooo, here is my first whittle outfit thingy. I changed the hair to this one cause I thought this one was a bit better. o_o Dunno. But here is where I got everything.  

Black and White and everything not nice
Model Synful Ghost

 Bunny Avatar: AX Avatars-800-900L.

Hair: (Posh); Superficial; Recolor: Midnight/Platinum-OL

Scarf: SAH gift-Alexx Usbourne Woolen Drape Scarff-Coal & Black

Dress: [FIEND] Leather and Lace-Used a gift card so Free for me. :D

Wings: Chibi Wings-50L

Shoes: Inimitably Design “Hot&Sexy” Boots (Black)-150L

Shape: My own, I made it. You can’t buy it. :D

SALE SALE SALE, Nightshade

SALE SALE SALE, Nightshade has a sale and I am here. Surprisingly its hardly laggy. I was at DK and it was laggy as fuck and Nightshade has like twice the people here than DK, I think and its loadin’ quickly.

Anyways, Awesome sale Bella. xD I am In IM talkin’ about stuff and I bought most of your boots. ^^ Anyways, I’ll post some photos of my adventures with both sales at DK and Nightshade. ^^ An Imma post this sale message at Ethnic Oddities too.

Oh here is the LM. xD! My bad or the SLURL.