African Pryncess

Earlier this week I did a post called Starlight Guardian, but I didn’t talk about it all that much. I’ve been in a funky mood and plus I was in pain. So all my posts had been quickly done just to do because my creativity was all in the pain area.

A new event called The Girl Power will start on the 8th. Which is today. It’s an event focus on Cute and Girly things! Hey, sue me. I do like to be cute and girly at times okay, I’m a happy goth! I’ve linked the website by the items I used in the post because I don’t like to do landmarks before the event opens up.

But it has some really cute, adorable items out there for yall to try and experiment with! Look forward to the event as a whole and the products as well.

African Pryncess

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Music is my arena

I’ve been a bit quiet here lately for good reason. Only really close friends and family members knows that I’ve been dealing with being sick. I don’t talk about myself much because I like to be vague as possible when it comes to my real life, but at times it’s like ugh. I did figure out what is wrong with me which is a plus and it is treatable and I did start my medication today, more pills.

The object I mainly wanted to focus on was the music element. If anyone knows me they know I am always listening to some sort of music or know that music influence heavily upon my photos and emotions. This item from 10T&Co. is a huge enclosed room with speakers embedded in the walls & roof. It’s one giant speaker! I’m pretty sure someone anyone could do something much better than I with this, but I wanted to be center fold with this in my arena. My headphones on just jamming out standing strong and proud. Dunno, but it’s a really neat piece of course it’s gacha :>

Music is my arena

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High by the beach

"All I wanna do is get high by the beach

Get high by the beach, get high

All I wanna do is get by by the beach 

Get by, baby, baby, bye bye 

The truth is I never bought into your bullshit 

When you would pay tribute to me 'cause I know that 

All I wanted to do was get high by the beach 

Get high, baby, baby, bye bye"
- Lana Del Rey - High by the Beach 

High by the beach

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Perfect close up

This was just a simple profile close up. No new style, just trying to prefect my close up shots. I thought I did a very good style on it. I am showcasing some items from Applique that is going on from this current round. You’ll be able to get these new releases here Applique   . Make sure you visit before it’s over!

Perfect close up

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