Drop Kick Gift

“I came in this bitch to sweat!”

“I came in this bitch to wild the fuck out!”

“I came in this bitch to turn up!”

“Shit me and my bitches in here fucked up!”

“Aint no tellin’ what we’re gonna do when the fuckin’ bass drops!”

“Fuck it!”

“Act up like a mothafuckin’ prison riot!”



Fuck X-mas No words

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A treat that’s good to eat

“Off them xannie bars, like we took a trip to Zanzibar.”

“Like we took a trip, like we took a trip to Zanzibar.”

A treat that's good to eat

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What cha thinkin’?

“What ya thinking wearing that skirt?”

“What thinking being a flirt?”

“What ya thinking wearing PVC?”

“What ya thinking?”

“What ya thinking?”

“What ya thinking smelling like a dead hand?”

“What ya thinking digging that band?”

“What ya thinking doing your dance?”

“What ya thinking?”

What cha thinkin

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Numbering my existence

“Everything is changing”

“So cold inside.”

“Is it all as it seem?”

“Can someone explain?”

“Do I have to change?”

“Who has to change?”

“Time is moving faster”

“The world is in my head”

“I feel the emptiness”

Fear of dark with bitter words

Numbering my existence

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[Curvosity] is in Pose Fair

Oh my, I have amazing news guys! [Curvosity] is in Pose Fair 2016! I’m excited like crazy! I have 2 single pose packs, a gacha, and couple pose! Here’s the ad’s below!

Fallen Poses can be used for some amazing shots! I was inspired by my own self because I have a thing with falling all buildings and loving dream like experiences.

[Curvosity] - Till I Collapse

HodgePodge is a mixture of poses are the ones that I did well but the others in the series wasn’t up to par!

[Curvosity] Cute HodgePodge

Gacha! Inspired by Harley Quinn for the coming movie! Comes with baseball bat! Three rares to get! Rare one is my favorite she’s licking the baseball bat; tehee

[Curvosity] Puddin' Slugga Gacha

Last but not least Homegirl pose! It’s a cute little pose!

[Curvosity] - Homegirls

[Curvosity] in Sofa Surfer Hunt

Hiya yall, my little store called [Curvosity] is featured Sofa Surfer Hunt! It’s a market place only hunt here is a picture of what the product looks like! It worked extremely hard on these and only to do better! The entire set is only 10L! Yes! Normally I would sell these for about 60L, but you get it for sooo cheap, 50L cheaper!

Prize item! [Curvosity] Lazy, but cute pose set

Here’s a link to marketplace: [Curvosity]

For more information on the hunt and other vendors click here: Sofa Surfer Hunt

Now go find the prize you silly kids and enjoy!!