I’m a menace

I’m a menace

Like I said I am very late with Powder Pack June Lelutka Evo X. I thought it was a reservation gift package and I was just waiting on the actual pack to come out and I was dilly dallying, but it was the actual package. I’ve been so tired lately and cranky that I know my blog managers are tired of my mood swings and just don’t want anything to do with me at the moment. The quality of my photos have gone down the drain, my creativity is shot. Anyways let me get to Powder Pack.

It’s not to late to get Powder Pack, but you’ll be spending the full price, BUT you can reserve for the July Powder Pack which is Genus I believe it is. And also if I do have any male readers there is a male Lelutka Powder Pack for you also that you can now get. I am slightly jealous because Gloom is in there and I am a huge Gloom fan. I wish gloom did more for other heads like Genus & Catwa because I still wear my Genus a lot. I am excited that Lelutka updated her older heads I am thrilled to be wearing my Lilly and Fleur again. Once she gets to River I’ll buy it because I been dying to get my hands on that head. I don’t know why, but i just want that head.

June Lelutka Evo X Powder Pack:

  • DeeTaleZ Skins for Lelu Evox – Se Skin – Perfect Beach Look
  • Amara Beauty – Paula – BOM LELU Evo X – Fatpack
  • Tres Beau Evo X – Felicity Skin – Fatpack
  • Moccino Beaute – Lelutka Evox Skin – Abra Fatpack
  • AviGlam – Mermaid Eyes Fatpack Lelutka Evo X
  • Ives Lelu Evox Ava Skin Fatpack
  • Nonnative’s Studio – Lelutka Evox – Kiara Skin Deluxe
  • Top1Salon – HD Rene Lipstick Lelutka Evo/X

So far I’ve only tried Moccino’s Abra skin in a previous post and now I tried Nonnative’s skin in this one. I am really s with my skin collection with Lelutka Evo x. I have a wider range of skins to pick from now and I am very, very satisfied.

With Nonnative’s skins for powder pack you get 4 (Four) skin tones with and without brows and they all work with Velour Ipanema Body so you need those. You get a eyebrow shape which is copy/modify, a shape which is copy/modify as well. Also the ears to match for the lelutka evo x heads.

  • Brownie
  • Chocolate
  • Mali
  • Sunkiss

Top1Salon comes with Evo and Evo X and it includes 4 different “Tones”. As I said Top1Salon confuses the hell out of me. So you get:

  • Coffee
  • Pale
  • Sunny
  • Tan

For each of the different maps. I am wearing coffee in the photo, because I am not that brain dead so I do slightly understand what the concept is about, but it still confuses the hell out of me. In the hud it had 4 rows and as I said I DO NOT KNOW the difference between the rows because they all looked the same to me. If you understand Top1Salon and own this back and can decipher what is going on please let me know because this is hella confusing and one of the reasons why I don’t buy this brands makeup. So the lipstick was pretty, don’t get me wrong. Their lipsticks are gorgeous and I am a far away fan, but how they do their system is what puts me off.

So it had 4 rows like I said and I used a lipstick from the bottom row I believe second to last? I am not a fan of the palette, because it wouldn’t of been -my- colour choice, but I was happy an thankful to have some lipsticks! Like always I included close ups of what the face looked like with shadows an without and so forth. I’ll check out the other skins in this pack and show case them throughout the month, because pairing up with the Velour body is just beautiful. So go get the Powder Pack and enjoy it! Remember July is Genus!


Hair: KMH – Hair F168 [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Head: / HEAD / lel EvoX FLEUR 3.1

Eyes: Storybook – Nova Eyes

Skin: .N X LELUTKA EVOX KIARA (MALI) NB [New][@ Powder Pack]

Body: The Mesh Body – Legacy Perky


Top: Normandy-Ema.Top [Legacy Perky-Blend]

Shorts: Gaia – Catty Denim Shorts BLACK


Goggles: !Reliquary – Meth Mouth Visor/ Monster Gums/ Yellowed Teeth/ Cut Fit

Collar: SEKA’s CutiePoo Choker [Modded]

Glove: [The DeadBoy] Killer Gloves [@ The Warehouse Sales]

Bracelet: SEKA’s Punkette Wrist

Belly: [ bubble ] Heart Belly Piercing

Rings: Vibing — Ciara Rings — Silver

Nails: [ Conviction ] The Claws V.2


Lipstick: TOP1SALON – HD RENE LIPSTICK (Lelutka Evo/ X) POWDER PACK [@ Powder Pack]


  • Fewness – Clumsy Tattoo – Faded – 02
  • Fewness – Clumsy Tattoo – Faded – 03
  • Fewness – Clumsy Tattoo – Faded – 22
  • Fewness – Clumsy Tattoo – Faded – 23
  • Fewness – Clumsy Tattoo – Faded – 28
  • Fewness – Clumsy Tattoo – Faded – 31
  • Fewness – Clumsy Tattoo – Faded – 37

Pose: K&S – Freeman Bento Pose Set

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