Space Bugs

Hey hey, I’ve been sick the past couple of days. I think I worried myself sick and also caught a summer cold. So I wasn’t able to do some of the neat ideas I had in mind for Vintage Fair and the final post I had in mind for Cyber Fair. So I did a quick portrait shot and did something. I finally logged in Saturday night and Sunday night to fiddle around and just came up with this. Today I am feeling better, but I have a pain in my side it was there yesterday and it hasn’t gone away. I can hear my late love saying I am getting old and it just makes me cry and laugh, but more so cry because I miss him so very much.

I am going to try to not cry right now, but think of something positive and just get lost in my grieving an art. I honestly don’t know what is the hardest part of this journey is to deny and come to terms that they are truly gone or telling myself that each person I lost is on a long term vacation so I can cope. But everyday I am reminded that their items are here and I can’t look at them and refuse to acknowledge them. The only thing I can’t is my Brother’s cat which I feel like I am babysitting till he comes back.

Enough of my crying.

Lets talk about the last day of Vintage Fair and Cyber Fair. Today is the last day for Vintage Fair and I would suggest you all to pick up this lovely skin from Pity Party. It’s called Sunflower it’s for Evo X and it’s fitted for Velour Ipanema Body. I am wearing the tone Mali. I apologize I didn’t do a actual skin review like I normally do, so you’ll all have to forgive me this once. But trust me it’s a really pretty skin. I’ll show the ad on how it looks. This was the only item I requested from Vintage Fair.

Sunflower comes in 8 tones. Brows & No brows, lelutka ear layer and that is pretty much it. As I said earlier you need Velour Ipanema Body appliers which can be found at Velour main store! Ladies I will say do grab these body appliers because they are bomb. I never fatpack body appliers I only picked a tone and was like okay. I take that back because Itgirls was fatpack 450L? or maybe it was 400L? I am not sure but what I mean fatpack I mean like 1K linden I never spent that much on some skins because they were just forth it.


Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Yoko hair-Unrigged [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Head: / HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.0

Eyes: Euphoric – Cho Hee Eyes [New][@ Vintage Fair]

Lipstick: Nuve. Ava Lipstick [Free][@ SLB18]

Eyebrows: A R T E – Rebel eyebrows [New][@ Vintage Fair]

Body: Legacy Perky


Top: Loki – Heather Split Color Top [New][@ Cyber Fair]


Collar: Normandy-Miko.Collar [New]

Rings: friday – Dawn Leather Ring Set (Ink)

Septum: Suicidal Unborn – Tormey Septum [Free][@ SLB18]

Earrings: e.marie // Kestra Earrings – Silvers { EvoX elf }


Background: [inZoxi] – Faux Holographics 5 – Galaxies – Antorsha Flat [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Pose: Black Cats Creations – Alien Monkey

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