Addicted to the night

Vintage Fair has been going on and I promised I would attempt to do a few post. I can’t do do the requirements. I legit spent almost 3 days off second life because I just can’t bring myself to deal. I only come on to do what I do and basically log off. If I am online I am most likely idle and went off IRL to the store and forgot to log off. I can honestly say I am happy to not have such huge commitments in SL at the moment till I am fine. I am glad my designers know and understand when I dropped it wasn’t because I couldn’t meet the requirements because I just need to focus on me. So I am glad I can combine nearly all my stores I do have left I can support into 1 major post or 2 and be okay instead of doing about 6 or more. Maybe about 4 tops a month I’ll be doing….unless I sneak in a event >.>’… but that event has to be something I really feel the inspiration for like another Cyber Fair o.o I’ll always do those lool Some sort of inspiration will pop up. Speak of I need to count to see if I did finish my requirements before I be like I’m DONE.

Vintage Fair started on the 11th and goes till the 21st. It’s a really short event packed full of vintage items that is pretty much rare on the grid. Our sponsors for Vintage Fair are….. Yasum, Short Leash, Orsini, Simply Shelby, MVD, Eurphoric, Bespoke Caravan and Truth. Honestly I’m shocked to see Truth participate in Vintage Fair. Some of the landing point stores are The Annex, Atelier Burgundy, Aurica, Dish, Entice, Diversion, Malena Von Dash, NinaX and Mooh! Some regular stores include 1 Hundred, 3rd Eye Perceptions, 7 Deadly Skins, Arte, Antaya, Bliensen + MaiTai, and Exile. Another store I am shocked to see participate in Vintage Fair.

Be sure to check out the stores at Vintage Fair before the 21st.


Hair: Exile:: Something Wicked

Head: BeSpoke – Vampire Constantius – Head [1.0] female neck [New][@ Vintage Fair]

Skin: BeSpoke – Vampire Constantius – Skin – Nomadic [New][@ Vintage Fair]

Eyes: -Suicidal Unborn!- Phantom Eyes V.2 ALL COLORS

Body: Legacy Perky


Dress: [Salem] Elvira Dress [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]


Arm Bracers: V/.VoluptasVirtualis – Amaranth – Arms [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

Nails: RAWR! Vintage Nails [New][@ Vintage Fair]

Rings: RAWR! Vintage Rings [New][@ Vintage Fair]

Earrings: -Suicidal Unborn!- Spiked Link Chain Earrings

Snake: Black Cats Creations – Wrapping Python [New][@ The Darkness Event]

Pose: Black Cats Creations [Slightly modified comes with Python]

Nipples: TF: Squid :: Nipples – Light (BoM)

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