Catch me if you can

Hi guise, I hope your weekend is going amazing. Mine not to much. Another tragedy struck and I am not very happy at the moment so my posts will slow down as time goes on for this month and perhaps next month. I am only keeping designers that require either 1-2 posts a month so I can fit them in basically at the same time. So I can do one post at the start of the month and one at the end. I don’t really have any overwhelming events I am sitting PGP out this round I will probably do a post though because I don’t feel right not doing a PGP post. I don’t even want to do the rest of my event posts.

My mirgaines are getting worse and I believe it’s due to everything that is going on with my irl and it’s probably because my condition also and it’s just making it worse. My medicine is not helping. The only thing that does help is sleep and barely that does it, but enough about my problems. I am here to tell you about a new exciting event that I am proudly to be apart of and help. OOoooh I am sooooooooooo excited!

SO this is the event it’s called Abnormality! It’s a Human-Alternative and Furry shopping experience! SO what does this mean?! I will flippin’ tell you it means the weird and out of the ordinary products! I know most of yall are like it’s a lot of furry designers up here but trust me you humans will find out that they made items that will fit you too! You have Eyeballs, Shoes, Clothing, Accesories, Gachas and More! Plus you’ll be introduced to a new scene/environment that is completely different! Give it a chance! I’ve never heard of 90% of these stores to be honest and I am blown away by their products.

The Event opens on Monday at 3pm SLT and it runs till June 28th and closes at Midnight! It’ll be a quarterly event. We’re so excited and I hope yall are just as excited about this as we are!

So in the photo I am wearing Anxious Angel with WickedPup ears going with a Cyberpunk theme. Even though it was a Miami theme I decided to be different. When I saw Angel’s mod I thought it looked more Cyberpunk to me. I guess because I’m in that Cyberpunk mindframe? So I am pairing the mod off with the Forge, A&Y, and Black Sand.


What comes in her Mods:

  • BOM Nipples [Need to unpack those]
  • Ear texture for Wickedpups Edgier ears; which are available AT the event
  • Canis/Lupus Applier [purchase this on marketplace by Cerberus]
  • Female Skin SLUV aka BOM
  • Neck extender – female
  • Neck extender – male
  • Selachi/Morpha Applier [purchase this on marketplace by Cerberus]
  • Tail which is animated!

So you get nearly a complete avatar besides the fact you have to purchase the ears and head. I’ll take it! Remember the Edgier Ears will be available AT THE EVENT. The event will open up on Monday at 3pm Slt I hope to see you there!



Hair: Olive. the Cybernetic Hair

Head: Cerberus – Canis Bento Head

Body: Legacy Original

Ears: :: wickedpup :: EDGIER EARS // LARGE // WIDE [New][@ Abnormality Event]

Mod: Anxious Angel – { aa } WAVESHARKS (OUTRUN) [New][@ Abnormality Event]


Bodysuit: [The Forge] Valerion Bodysuit [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Boots: A&Y Alphard Cyber Boots – Multicolor [New][@ Cyber Fair]


Glasses: Black . Sand Pere Cyber Glasses [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Guns: SAC 1911 PLUS pistol (R) v1.00 FULL [New][@ Warehouse Sales]

Pose: [R2xSAC] 1911PLUS/Ryusei Poses [New][@ Warehouse Sales]


Pagan Search Robot

PITAYA – Under Destruction – yellow barrel

PITAYA – Under Destruction – red barrel

[AMBICE] – Navy Backdrop [New][@ Cyber Fair]

PITAYA – Under Destruction – orange barrel

PITAYA – Under Destruction – green barrel

PITAYA – Under Destruction – pink barrel

PITAYA – Under Destruction – blue barrel

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