Beach Bun

I don’t really have much to say other than that it has been a rather depressing day and emotional. My family is disappearing before my eyes and it’s rather sad. I was feeling rather positive today, but I cup is rocking back and forth ready to tip over with just one more splash of water. I am starting to give up and I feel it. I believe my friends feel it and my passion for things are just not really there anymore. I hate to lose what I worked so far for in SL just crumble, but I need to just take a breather and cut things off so I can have a breather. I’ll blog what I currently have that I know are spaced out throughout the month instead of piled on at the same time. So I can post here and there so I can have a few days to myself if I need too and not worry. So I thank everyone of you for sticking with me on this journey it’s been tough this past year and end of last year. Thank you. 💜


Hair: Moon. Hair. // Summer Breeze

Body: Legacy Perky


Top: :::insanya::: LanaTop

Bottoms: :::insanya::: Panties


Belly: [ bubble ] Basic Belly Piercing

Garter: ERSCH – Hen-Tai Garter {Legacy} Chain [#BigGirl]

Chain: ERSCH – Hen-Tai Garter {Legacy} Straps [#BigGirl]


Fundati – Sand Dunes comes with grass

peaches – Beachin’ Bag Clutter

Hello Gorgeous – Beach Please Bento Poses

Kalopsia – Bibi’s Beach Towel

Serenity Style- The Beach Shop- Umbrellas

Serenity Style- The Beach Shop- Box of balls

Serenity Style- The Beach Shop- Swimmers

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