System Failure

SO I am a bit late with my pre-post you’ll have to forgive me this once Silvia. I had a creators block and I was waiting for a bit more items to be placed in the box! So I had to come up with something quick and I’ve been stressing and just irritated that I couldn’t produce something of quality. My last two photos bombed, but I knew they weren’t gonna have high faves and views because they were “plain” compared to what I normally do, but guise if I keep doing really epic photos it’s going to take me days and hours to do them. So I HAVE to do some pretty bland photos every once in awhile just so I can rejuvenate.

Cyber Fair has started today and I tell you I am very much pleased with the items this round. Now my only gripe I have are the clothing options for females. I know creators are sick of hearing us whine and cry about how we’re ungrateful. I am not I am simply giving some feedback. It’s not that I do not love your hard work that you gave us, I will use them or some of them. I try to use most but I cant maybe later on down the road I’ll use them, but creators there are other clothing options other than bodysuits and dresses for us females. I myself enjoy pants, sneakers, some leggings, jackets, gloves, some belts. Hell do some armor! I find myself wearing more of the guy clothing if they have it out at the events than female because they look cooler.

So some of the Cyber Fair sponsors this round are:

  • SEKA
  • Jeys
  • Inzoxi
  • Masoom
  • Solares
  • Hilted
  • Pitaya.Tropix
  • This is Wrong
  • Wicca’s Originals

Some Standard Stores are:

  • Creatica
  • Skellybones
  • RAWR!
  • Ersch
  • BellePoses
  • !13Act
  • Neverwish
  • Butanik83

Cyber Fair Gallery


Cam Sim


Hair: CAMO – Indigo Dreads [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Head: / HEAD / lel EvoX BRIANNON 3.0

Skin: Moccino Beaute – Lelutka EvoX Skin – Janet Cafeina (F/B)

Eyes: Euphoric – Cyber Love Eyes [New][@ Cyber Fair]


Cyber Eyes Augment: Gloom. – Cyber Parts – Cyber Eyes – LELUTKA X [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Cheeks Augment: Gloom. – Cyber Parts – Robot Cheeks – LELUTKA X [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Eyelashes: Jack Spoon – Prue Lashes (Duo Tone) Evo X


Dreads Cybernetics: CAMO – Indigo Dreads Cybernetics (Rigged) [Comes with Hair] [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Ear Piercings: e.marie // Jasmine Earrings – Silvers { EvoX elf }


Pitaya.Tropix – Cyber Club – Soda Machine [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Pitaya.Tropix – Cyber Club – Skybox RARE [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Pitaya.Tropix – Cyber Club – Cyber Panel [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Pitaya.Tropix – Cyber Club – Central Piece [New][@ Cyber Fair]

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