If I go crazy, then will you still call me Superman?

First off, I am in a huge prison. The prison is by Nomad at Warehouse Sales. I thought it was going to be a small thing? Like I have no clue what I was expecting, but the damn thing was huge. So I was like Okay then. I can do a few scenes in this prison. Next I have a new designer I am featuring which is Black Cat Poses and not going to lie this was a little weird seeing at Cyberpunk. So I was like OKAY then. MY store is that Syn is currently in a prison like compound and as you can see she has been experimented on.

The big Orc/troll whatever you what to call them was sent to break her out. By who? Who knows did she imagine the entire thing? Maybe. But who am I going to call superman now that my guy is gone? Maybe I envision the orc my guy coming to save me from myself and I am so damage and damaging myself that I can’t repair. So however you look at it, Syn is damaged and needs help.


Hair: Wasabi // Elenoire Windblown Mesh Hair


Skin: Pumec – Katena – August – Genus

Eyebrow: .little devil. – bambi eyebrow

Body: The Mesh Body – Legacy Perky


Top: Normandy -SURGE.Top [New][@ Cyberpunk]

Panties: Normandy -SURGE.Bottom [New][@ Cyberpunk]


Blood: TF – Verkir – All – Light [New][@ The Warehouse Sale][Included close up down bottom]


Burn: True Damage-Luke burn mark upper REG

Scar: True Damage-Moon scar REG

Throat bruise: Corvus : Choking Bruises


Chest piece: [The DeadBoy] Futura Chest Mark V2 (FEMALE) [New][@ Cyberpunk]

Arm: AsteroidBox. Android Arm Cap – Unrigged – Left

Oxygen Mask: Mug – Taylor Oxygen Mask

Leg: Normandy-Vault.Leg

Pose: Black Cat Creations – The Guardian [New][@ Cyberpunk]

Building: Nomad – Prison [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]

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