The Marshland Fae

Curious creatures they were. No one has seen them expect those that were chosen. If you were chosen it was said that they blessed you with a good fortune. Whichever that fortune fell upon you in your time of need. Rather it was financial, marital and material all good luck look upon those that stumble upon these mysterious creatures. Before I ventured to the marshy land. I did my research for the stories and they all seem to have originated from this island. I’ve traveled to New York City and spoke to a woman who was happily married for five years. After she drifted to the island being lost at sea and the creature found her she was found a few hours later and fell in love with the captain of the ship. Then I traveled across the sea to England where a man tossed a coin in the waters of the island passing through as he was going to America to see better and fortune smiled upon him as he arrived in America.

I did not believe these stories, but the people seem to have. Once explained and found look holes in their story where I explained it was a series of coincidence. They assured me that it wasn’t. The creatures from the island was responsible for the fortune that was bestowed upon them.

I must say as I sit here and write within my journal. I found the island they spoke about. It took many months almost a year to find. I found a nice secluded area where flamingos are gazing and just socializing, but I’ve came face to face with the creature that the stories spoke of. No words could describe the beauty of the creature. My other thought was I am thankful for this great blessing.


Hair: KMH – Hair F162 [Relay For Life EDITION][New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W002

Skin: Jeanette Joints – Sinew [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Body: Legacy Perky

Eyes: ::Axix:: Baphomet Eye


Ears: Soleil Et Lune – Elvish Ear {RIGGED} [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Head Accessory – LODE – Leila Violet

Face Accessory – Lode – Leila Mix

Head Crown: Kotolier . Circlet Lacrima [New][@ Chronicles & Legends]

Wings: Quills & Curiosities – A Touch of Darkness Wings [New][@ Chronicles & Legends]

Branches: This is wrong – Arborea Branches – 16 [New][@ Epiphany]

Tattoo: THIS IS WRONG Arborea tattoo BoM – 13 [New][@ Epiphany]

Earring: Bubble Fairy Wiing Earring [New][@ Chronicles & Legends]

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