Sweet Tooth

I was feeling really positive today. That feeling I hadn’t felt in such a long time. So I decided to do something fun. Well I guess this would be considered fun to me? I’m still feeling down and I wanted these snack items from Momochuu at Warehouse Sale. So let me explain a little bit about my look I was trying to go for a demoness, enjoying some sweets but half way through I just gave up. So it’s just some random broad enjoying some sweets coming from the store. Anyways, I am extremely tried and I nearly forgotten all I was going to type since I been up and off the computer. So keep it short and sweet. Visit the events and stores to check them out. See everyone tomorrow.



Hair: . Doe . Miria Devil . Fatpack [New][@ Epiphany]

Head: lel EvoX BRIANNON 3.0

Body: [ INITHIUM ] KUPRA B.O.M. BODY__ V. 03


Dress: sixx – Lia Latex Dress [New][@ #BigGirl]


Glasses: Suicidal Unborn – Barbed Wire Glasses [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]

Cake: Momochuu – Buddy Strawberry Cake&Drink [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]

Rings: RAWR! Obsidian Rings [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]

Nails: RAWR! Obsidian Nails [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]

Collar: Spookshow – Numb Collar

Tattoo: Nefekalum Tattoos – Your Anubis – Marked

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