Protect the Queen!

Before battle it was such a calm. I could always smell the tension as we marched on the field. Our armor clanging in a rhythm as we marched. I’ve been to battle plenty of times, but this one was the final one. This battle was to see who claims takes the claim of the board. We march with horses and our flag of our country. Weapons for the ready. Everyone stoic and ready to die for our country and Queen.

Once we make it to the clearing and we see our enemy’s flag and battle line. Our foreman gives the command to halt. The clanging of our armor comes to a slow. Another battle command to have the archers ready and for us to have our weapons and shields ready. My chest rose and fell in a pattern to match everyone surrounding me. This is the day we go to die. This is the day our blood is spilled for our country, people, and Queen. No one gets past this line, we take no survivors. We are trained to kill and be ruthless on the battlefields. This is my home and were I belong, I am a Knight and I must protect the Queen.


Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair < Andy>

Head: lel EvoX BRIANNON 3.0

Body: Legacy Perky


Top: Hotdog – Gambeson . Maitreya flat . Fatpack [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Boots: //R3D// Boots Runar – Black [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Leggings: ::C’est la vie !:: Soonah Leggings (#2) – Gray


Mask: Reliquary! – Tangle of Eyes [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Collar: Reliquary! – Morbid Gorget [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Sword: Petrichor – Araleus Sword [New][@ Fantasy Faire][Will probably blog again due to the blurring]

Shield: Mini A Chuu Props – Shield of Asselin [New][@ Fantasy Faire]


Tree: TLG – J’adoube Golden Tree [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Boat: TLG – J’adoube Fantasy Boat (static) [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Plant: TLG – J’adoube Lotus – Leaf Grouping [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Plant 2: TLG – J’adoube Lotus – Single Flower [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Tree 2: TLG – J’adoube Butterfly Tree [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Chess pieces BACK: TLG – J’adoube Decorative Floor Chess – Walnut [PART OF FLOOR CHESS GAME] [New][@ Fantasy Faire]

Plant 3: TLG – J’adoube Lotus – Single Pod [New][@ Fantasy Faire]


Pose: Poseidon – Eowyn

3 replies to “Protect the Queen!

  1. Hi there and thank you so much for this wonderful blog post and for featuring my shield, it is an honour to see my creation through wonderful artist’s eyes ♥ thank you and I hope you have a great day ♥

    1. Hello and you’re quite welcome! I enjoyed the shield it was really well made and I can see myself using it again in the future! Thank you for your awesome creation and giving it to us! I look forward to seeing more of your work! 💜

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