Baaah, is what we’re suppose to do right?

So I had this really amazing idea to combine these amazing faun legs with a cyber punk look. Also I had to blog this outfit from Seka and I was like hmm how can I combine these two things. First of all I did not feel like doing fantasy at the moment because I was reserving all fantasy elements for Fantasy Faire which opens up in a few days. So I am not trying to get burnt out on Fantasy. So I did a comfort element and went with a cyber look. Ya it’s a little bland compared to what I normally do, but I love how I looked. Simple but not overly taken away from the legs and outfit. I won the try by spending 1000L at epiphany at Dots machine. I was trying to get the chicken nuggets , but I ended pulling the hamburger rare; rip. So if anyone has the chicken nuggets rare or an extra one that wants to get rid of or swap let me know.

Anyways have a great day!



Hair: lock&tuft – blue hair

Head: LeLUTKA.Head.Lilly.2.5

Skin: IVES x LeLUTKA Evo – Olivia – (Cacau) – B/H/WB

Body: Legacy Perky


Jacket: A&Y Thrasher Cyber Jacket

Outfit: SEKA‘s Perky Outfit [New][@ Access][It’s a complete outfit, like I can NOT take off the top or bottom but you can hide either part though]

Legs: //ABADDON ARTS\ Adelina Legs BOM [New][@ Chronicles & Legends]

[Warning: These legs may say BOM, but they will conflict with any AUX 1 layer. If you are wearing AUX 1 such as Lelutka then they will show up on these legs. These legs take AUX 1 ONLY. The creator is aware and knows, so AUX 1. If your skin maker can make you AUX 1 custom texture then great but these legs only take AUX 1 TEXTURES ONLY! Or you can tint to match or wear their textures ^^]


Horns: Garmonbozia ::: Interstellar Horns FUCK YOU

Collar: SEKA’s NeoGlitch Collar (effect)

Wrist: SEKA’s Punkette Wrist

Nails: RAWR! Division Nails

Glasses: [Cubic Cherry] {Screw It} glasses BLACK

Ears: [Gauze]&[Trap] Mythic Ears Mesh

Rings: Vibing — Corina Rings — Silver

Cybernetics: Harana – Artificial Human – 02 [Flesh Ver.] Medium

Vending Machine: [VOZ] UFO Sushi Vending Machine – Blue (Static)

Vending Machine 2: ninety – Vending Machine 02 +R

Vending Machine 3: ninety – Cyber Vending Food [ Pizza ]

Vending Machine 4: ninety – Cyber Vending Food [ Burger]

Building: MINIMAL – Illusion II – 4 [Gacha]

Tray: Dots – Fast Eats – #14 Hungry Tray VIP [New][@ Epiphany][Gacha]

Pose: Made by me

Robot: [FOURTH WALL] iClean Robot Vacuum – White

Fries on floor: +Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter – Only A Few Fries

Soda on floor: +Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter – Spilled Soda Drink (Pink)

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