Our common end

“Somebody threw a love grenade, broken dreams, broken in sorrow…”

“Some of us follow, some of us conquer.”

“Some of us fly, but all of us die…


Hair: bonbon – kaori hair

Eyes: SOUL – Blinde Eyes – Jade

Head: Genus Head – Classic Face W002

Skin: Pumec – Katena – August

[Like OMG HOW IS IT PURPLE?! WELL GET A SKIN TINTER AND YOU CAN BE PURPLE. The one I am wearing is from Evermore for 1L. WARNING when wearing the tinters, you lose skin detail.]


Horns: Soul – Geit – Geode

Nails: RAWR! – Cursed Nails

Rings: RAWR! – Minimal Rings

Cross: Zombie Suicide – Broken Bracelet Cross


Eyebrows: Skoll – Dinora

Veins 1: Skoll – Sveltana Veins 100

Lip cut: Skoll – Cirilla Lip scratch

Eyes: Skoll – Cirilla eyes HARSH

Body Veins: TF – Body Veins – Heavy

Breast Veins: Izzie’s Breast Veins + Stretch Marks

Neck tattoo: Cubic Cherry – Infection Wounds [New][@ The Warehouse Sales]

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