Sunbeam Whitedrop of the The Light Throne

Flitter Flatter of pixie wings. She was the princess of the small kingdom hidden between the brush tucked away in the corner by the sea. It was always sun shining and the weather was bright and perfect well not all the time expect on stormy days, but even then the sun always manages to find away to shine through. This little fae always had a bright smile upon her face and looked towards the sun.

Chronicles and Legends has opened and it’s Seelie vs Unseelie. It closes May 2nd, on my birthday what to ya know. If you can’t get into the event you can do the hunt! You do not need a hud but if you prefer the hud visit the location and get it!



Hair: barberyumyum S05 (red)


Body: Legacy Perky with the petite addon


Dress: ERSCH – Aphrodite Dress long


Embers: Static – Fae Embers [New][@ Chronicles & Legends]

Wings: Jinx : Seely Fairy Wings [New][@ Chronicles & Legends]

Head Dress: Romazin – Diadem [New][@ Chronicles & Legends]

Earrings: Kunglers – Eivor Earrings [New][@ Chronicles & Legends]


Eyelashes: Shiny Stuffs – Fairy Lights Lash [New][@ Chronicles & Legends]

Lipstick: Story Time Lips [New][@ Chronicles & Legends]

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