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I just have to say I have some of the best Blogger Managers in March. Roman is very positive when it comes to Cyber Fair that pushes us to do our best and knows how creative we are and enjoys our photos. Sugah inspires us in Enchantment to do the best Fantasy photos and Beuanna is a nutcase when it comes to Skin Fair. A small mishap happened and well Beuanna turned to be a Saint. We’ve didn’t get the mishap solved, but Beuanna turned a dark day into a Brighter day for the few of us that didn’t get it solved. So if anyone says that Blogger managers sucks or so forth, they need to actually get to know them and talk to them because I quite enjoy my blogger managers because they do check up and talk. Beuanna didn’t have to do what she did, but she did and I will be grateful for that. So I am still a tad bit upset but no use crying over spilled milk. -shrug-

Anyway, Bespoke has a Unicorn head at Skin Fair. It’s Unique and something that is most welcomed at Skin Fair. I always tell my friend to participate at Skin Fair and she refuses. She thinks Skin Fair is just for humans I’m like no. It doesn’t say furries not welcome. You make skins for furries right? So why not?

BeSpoke Unicorn head Includes:

  • 8 BOM eyes
  • 3 female skins // Natrual//Fiery//White
  • 3 male skins // Nature///Fiery//White
  • Teeth, Tongue, Ears, Eyes
  • Horns // Rigged/Unrigged
  • Hair //Rigged/Unrigged
  • Head // Female/Male/Head Neckless

I felt like some alphas, hud and shapes were missing from this, but everything seemed to be in place by reading the notecard. Only thing that annoyed me was that I had to break the head in order to stop the animations from moving and that’s what annoyed me the most. But it is bento so you can use the lelutka Axis hud to open the mouth so forth. I couldn’t get the tongue to stick out no matter how much I tried. I actually made a shape for it so if you would like it just contact me inworld and I’ll toss it at you FREE. Below is animation gif and the review of the other skins! It’s nice unique head, I’m not an equine fan but I looked damned fine as one. So go visit BeSpoke at Skin Fair!



Hair: Beusy – Death Hawke – Specials

Head: BeSpoke – Unicorn Head female Neck [New][@ Skin Fair]

Skin: BeSpoke – Unicorn Iris – Skin – Fem White [New][@ Skin Fair]

Eyes: BeSpoke – Unicorn Iris – Eyes – Black [BOM][New][@ Skin Fair]

Body: Legacy Perky


Top: Ersch – Offline Gacha Top [Rare][New][@ Cyber Fair]

Shorts: Ersch – Offline Gacha Shorts [Rare][New][@ Cyber Fair]


ArmShields: Ersch – Offline Gacha – Armshield – Pink [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Garters: Ersch – Offline Gacha – Garter [Rare][New][@ Cyber Fair]

Legshield: Ersch – Offline Gacha – Legshield – Pink [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Circuits: Apocalyptic – Circuited Body – Silver Blue

Tail: Vixen Tail


BONDI . Party Drone . Pink [New][@ Cyber Fair]

Neon Prime – Cyber Nights – The Bearded Guy [New][@ Cyber Fair]

An official skin fair post

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