Mechanical Tinker

Third skin fair post and I had fun with this one! I included a close up of everything I wore this really wasn’t a review this was one for a regular post. So I am 2 out of 5 for this but I’ll probably do another one just to be safe since I went kind of heavy on this. I don’t want Beu to come chasing me with a ruler. But Honestly there are some really interesting dark tones this year and I was kind of surprised by this one. This skin ranged in 9 tones and they’re all for Genus though. I was bummed out by that because I hadn’t been really been wearing genus. NOW one thing for sure these tones get really dark. I’m actually wearing tone 6 and before I was wearing tone 8 so if I wasn’t wearing tone 6 I would’ve been blending soooo much!

There is no chubby for the body appliers just regular so that was a bummer but with so many body enhancements and so forth you can just add all that to yourself. In the pack you got skin moles which was a bonus, shape for belleza and eyebrows. So it was straight forward nothing really wow. But the skin was pretty to me and I liked it.

Rekt Royalty has these ‘eyebrow enchantments’. Looking at the ad I thought they were eyebrows with just notched//scars in them, but opening up the package it was just the bom notches. So to me the ad was a little misleading, but maybe it was me because at the time I was on the hunt for eyebrows and I got excited when I saw them but it was just cuts? Regardless they’re pretty neat you can make any eyebrow clipped and not have to buy eyebrows with them now. They’re fitted for Lelutka but they look okay on Genus. I would try the demos or buy at your own risk.

Anyways that is all I have to say on that bit Skin Fair officially opens up tomorrow March 12th around Noonish and runs till March 29th! See ya



Hair: Raven Bell – Azren Hair – Shaved

Head: Genus – Strange W001

Body: Legacy Perky

Eyes: Majestique – Fabu Eyes [New][@ Skin Fair]

Skin: Alantori – Tiara Skin – Tone 6 [New][@ Skin Fair]

Ears: Andore – Koeh [New][@ Skin Fair]


Eyeliner: R.Bento – Devilish Eye Makeup – Clear [new][@ Skin Fair]

Moles: La Perla – Ros Face Marks [New][@ Skin Fair]

Clip: Rekt Royalty – Clipped X [New][@ Skin Fair]


Hat: [ContraptioN] Standard Noble Top hat

Coat: [ContraptioN] Thibaut Waistcoat WORK

Gloves: [ContraptioN] Dapper Dandy’s Gloves SOOT B

Glasses: [ContraptioN] Pravokutan Spectacles


Glider: ::Static:: Swiftsail – 05 Glider {Crossbones} [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Glider 2: ::Static:: Swiftsail – 07 Glider {Damask Gold} [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Glider 3: ::Static:: Swiftsail – 10 Glider {Old World} [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Key Jar: HILTED – The Key Gacha – Bell Jar – 27 [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Key Jar 2: HILTED – The Key Gacha – Bell Jar – 25 [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Key Jar 3: HILTED – The Key Gacha – Bell Jar – 26 [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Bottle: [inZoxi] – Captains Stash – Dark Spirits [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Bottle 2: [inZoxi] – Captains Stash – Absenthe [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Spyglass: 6 lock&tuft – renegade spyglass [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Pipe: 12 lock&tuft – hand pipe black [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Map: 1 lock&tuft – map scroll brown [New][@ Gacha Guild]

Pose made by me.

Mechanical Tinker Close up
An official skin fair 2021 post

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